VIVA The First to Launch Galaxy Tab

November 8, 2010  |  Birthday, I want.., Shout Outs, Wishlist

It appears to be that VIVA will be launching the Samsung Galaxy Tab within the next few days and offering it for free with some of its packages, now that sounds awesome! What’s even more awesome is that, this item although it’s not an Apple product is on my “Birthday Wishlist” this year and so I think I need to get me some VIVA-lovin’ this time.  Be sure to check out the press release below.

VIVA Kuwait, the First to Introduce Samsung, GALAXY Tab in Kuwait

Samsung GALAXY Tab introduces a new dimension of mobile technology convergence

Kuwait, November X, 2010 – VIVA Kuwait, the most advanced mobile telecommunications service provider in Kuwait, and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in mobile technology, today announced the launch of the Samsung GALAXY Tab (Model: GT-P1000). Powered by Android Operating System, the GALAXY Tab is the first tablet, ‘smart media device’ by Samsung, allowing consumers  to enjoy more possibilities on the go.

VIVA Kuwait will be offering Samsung GALAXY Tab for free with its postpaid and internet packages. The GALAXY Tab will be exclusively  available in all VIVA branches from November 10, 2010.

With this exclusive promotional offer, VIVA Kuwait allows its customers to experience an outstanding smart media device to lead a new media revolution. With Samsung GALAXY Tab, users enjoy full web browsing with flash 10.1 support, reading eBooks, newspapers, or magazines, voice and video calls and watching HD videos on the large enough 7-inch display while on the move.

Thanks VIVA!

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  1. I’m getting for sure ;’)

  2. I am in.

    Galaxy tab is a marvelous piece of technology and I believe that it is the iPad killer.

  3. I’d like to correct the news above. I have called Viva Kuwait today at 102 and I knew that they sell Galaxy Tab at KD 60 bundled in a one-year contract and it is not for free!

  4. ahmad wadan


    Note its free for New customers that subscribe to KD 55 package

    and original price is kd 260
    so if you are an existing customer
    you shall subscribe to the kd 30 package

    VIVA More 8, 16, or 25KD
    Galaxy Surf On Unlimited 22KD
    Discounted Samsung Galaxy Tab

    for more info
    please visit our website

    VIVA Online Team

  5. Hmoud : Lucky you! Review it for us :D

    Ahmad Wadan : From what I have read so far it has a bunch of problems. So I’m not sure how it is an iPad killer.

    VIVA Online : Thanks for the information I hope this clarifies it to the other readers.

  6. VIVA Online: your website contradicts your comment. Get it together.
    here is whats on the website under latest promotions:

    Find your 7th sense with VIVA Samsung Galaxy Tab

    Sign up for the new KD 30 voice package with a year’s commitment and get the new Galaxy Tab for KD 60. Existing VIVA MORE customers with the KD 8 voice plan can get the Galaxy Tab for KD 60 when they add Surf-On 22 KD to their plan.

    This offer is available at any VIVA branch or through our authorized dealers.

  7. i think we should think hundred times before jumping into conclusion…
    we should be keen observer on the adds made by service providers…
    dont you think it cost you more… y not buy online and get almost 40% off kuwait price….or simply buy the unit alone in the market…
    for example… VIVA lunch a KD60 plan for a yr commitment…60 x 12 months …KD720 …. the real price of it kd260 or less… u really need i-net connection.. then subscribe for i-net for only kd18 a month for a yr..that is KD216 + the unit KD260 cost u about KD476.. u can save KD244 or more…

    use ur mind guys…

    just a pc of advise…

  8. Am a novice but i wud love to gift some one special the Samsung Galaxy Tab.
    Would this be a good choice; it would b gr8 to hear both sides.



  9. hi Pearl, it is indeed the best choice…
    that special someone of yours will love it for sure…
    go for it… infact, im going to buy 1 but i’ll buy it in singapore..hehehe
    KD40-KD60 less compare to the market price here in kuwait…anyway, i’ll be on my vacation and passby singapore for a couple of days.. so i’ll get it there.. :)


  1. Galaxy Tab released first in the region before iPad - SaudiMac