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November 10, 2010  |  New Products, Reviews, Techie

Due to my geekiness in loving technology I have decided to let friends and guests really review some gadgets and I would post about them in order to give everyone a chance to check out what others think of a certain gadget that’s in the market therefore today I will be starting with letting our local celebrity “Hmoud Adel” a chance to review the new XBOX 360 Kinect, he was one of the first to get the device earlier this week and already he has some ideas to talk about in that regards so please find the review below and let’s give him a warm welcome.  — Jacqui

Since I heard about this technology back in 2009 in E3 “Electronic Entertainment Expo” I was fascinated about this hardware called “Project Natal” which was later changed into “Kinect” early 2010.  Kinect launched in the US on November 4th for the game console “Xbox 360” to compete with the “Wii” and “Playstation Move” and as it happens my device arrived here in Kuwait earlier this week therefore I’m going to give you my honest review as a gamer first then as a consumer.

KINECT: You are the Controller.

When you first hook up your Kinect to your Xbox 360, you’ll notice that it transforms your 5 year old console into something new, clever and amazing.  To start using your Kinect you have to do the most common thing we as humans do to introduce ourselves to anyone in this world, which is by “waving our hands”.  Kinect will then recognize you, your voice and gestures as well as be able to differentiate you among other people in the same room.  This interaction creates a different dimension between you and the device.  It is simply… Magic!

Kinect comes with a free full game which is “Kinect Adventures”; a light and family oriented game that gives you a full picture of how Kinect is a game changer in this motion-controllers war.

What I liked:

Kinect is responsive, accurate and a completely new experience.

I spent 3 hours playing with my new tiger cub “JoJo” in the game “Kinectimals” without even noticing how the time flew.  Your dashboard will transform into something that looks like Tom Cruise’s console in the 2002 movie “Minority Report”  Total Awesomeness!

What I didn’t Like:

It’s either you play by yourself or with someone who knows how to play with Kinect, I had my kids running around me while playing and the game play ran from smooth to a disaster because Kinect was interrupted by their crazy gestures!

Other notes:

Kinect needs at least 3 meters to work perfectly, clear everything in front of your TV if you’re thinking of getting one soon.

The Verdict:

Kinect is a winning technology and the games available right now are amazingly fun but if you’re looking for hardcore games, I think you need to wait a little longer, since Forza 4 and other cool games are coming out in 2011.

I give it 8.5 out of 10.

A big thank you goes to Jacqui for giving me this opportunity to review Kinect in her blog.

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  1. shaklah cool, will buy it soon!

    P.s GREAT BLOG!!!
    *apple fan*

  2. Great review really! thanksssss

  3. Thank you all, i’m glad that you liked the review :D

  4. Khalid : Thanks alot! :) Glad you like the blog and the review!

    bananaQ8 : Totally isn’t it!

    Hmoud Adel : Glad to have you on board for some of the gadget reviews :D

  5. It seems pretty good device to invest some dinars in it! although I wouldn’t be really waiting for racing games, I think it should get new category of games, which game developers should pay attention to, mainly be focused on body gestures and sounds instead of trying to hold a steering wheel in the air!
    This device if as good as they claims, it opens a new level of playing games!

    I just felt like sharing this with you guys, and thanks for that nice review, you just made it even more interesting hehe.

  6. Abdul : Good luck with it all and thanks for the kind words :)