Best Birthday Presents Ever

November 23, 2010  |  Apple, Birthday, Family, My New Toys, Wishlist

So today I got a special package from Aramex courtesy of my lovely Mother, she went ahead and ordered the Apple TV for me as well as the MacBook Air 11″ maxed out model (a.k.a. 1.6Ghz, 4GB RAM, 128GB Flash Memory).  I got home after a stressful day dealing with numbers and saw the packages already outside of their brown boxes and I went “Ohhhh NO! They unboxxed them!”  Only to find that my mom had only thrown away the brown boxes and left me the toys with a letter addressed to me.

Letter from My Mother

The note my mother left on top of the packages.

It was such a sweet move and seriously I can say she is the best ever! Sorry Dad you are not here to take the credit for this one but you can always have the fact that you got me the iPad 3G , iPhone 4, and MacBook Air 13″.  So you are winning 3 to 2 :P

Apple TV

The Apple TV unboxed it is so tiny!

And you know what, it’s not only that I got my new toys to play with that made my day but also the fact that iOS 4.2 was also released today I was like “Could this day get any better!” I am seriously in love with this new child that is added to my family and until I can get some decent unboxing photos I think I will leave you with these taken from my iPhone because Daddy traveled with my Sony Camera and I can’t find a decent one at home to take decent pictures.

My children

My portable children, in the back you see an iPad with my note, from the right MacBook Air 11", MacBook Unibody 13", and MacBook Air 13" (New).

Thanks Mommy & Daddy you are the best.

Sisters, you’ve got a lot to live up to in order to provide me with the birthday gifts yalla work hard you’ve got my Amazon Wishlist as well!

Time to hit the sack and will write more tomorrow.

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  1. ohh nice congratzzzzz


  3. thanks
    you have lots of cameras at home i have my camera with me girl and ur new one with sis#2
    I like Mom note
    we love u #1

  4. iAbdulaziz : Hehehe thanks dear :)

    Sister no4 : Yeah you can be off the hook :P

    dad : I tried with the Samsung but it sucks the Sony is the best one and I’ll wait until you’re back to take actual good pictures :)