Eid Holiday Happenings

November 23, 2010  |  Eid, Family, My Life

This past Eid Holiday was spent mostly catching up on sleep.  I loved the fact that there was time to spend with my little sister and cousins which is mostly illustrated with the fact that we went to 2 movies in that holiday.  Events that happened were as follows:

Thursday [Nov 11] Had the awesomest day ever as my bestest friend since elementary school got married and I had an awesome time at her Wedding.  Love you H! Unfortunately my eye-makeup done by one of those salons made me kinda look like a drag-queen but it’s okay I lived with it.

Friday [Nov 12] It was Issous’s birthday, the little monkey cousin of mine turned 6 years old that day I had decided to take both Issous and his brother Toons along with my sister Lujain to watch “Megamind” and although my Aunt had opted not to come I still had fun with the kids they kinda drove me insane but not so much.  Afterwards we headed back to my Aunt’s place to watch some TV Shows and have birthday cake.  I got both Toons & Issous an XBox 360 and their Mom got them the Xbox Kinect it was awesome seeing their reaction.  Toons actually said “Oh my God you got the XBOX 360!!! I thought you were going to get just the XBOX! I was like Of course I’d get you the 360 how many Toons and Issous’s do I have in my life hehe you spoiled brats!” It was so worth it LOL!

Saturday [Nov 13] Lunch at Grandma’s house as usual it was fun and stuff.

Sunday [Nov 14] [Was not holiday for me] Daddy left to LA.

Monday [Nov 15] Slept in and stayed at home for the most part.

Tuesday [Nov 16] It was Toons birthday and the first day of Eid, but I also choose to sleep in since we were meeting up for lunch at my Grandma’s house on Wednesday.

Wednesday [Nov 17] Lunch day at Grandma’s we had BBQ Eid Lunch it was awesome loved the food and the company!

Thursday [Nov 18] Went over to my Aunt’s place since we were taking Toons and going to see Harry Potter 7 Part 1, I am not a huge fan but I sat through this movie and the last one, I agree this one is by far better, the previous one had no story and was filled with action and felt missing when it finished.  This one felt long though.  Afterwards we went back home, I put in Modern Family Season 2 and started watching with my Uncle in Law, his brother, Aunt, with the kids playing in the other room.  It was awesome!

Friday [Nov 19] Slept in all day even though I wished to go out.

Saturday [Nov 20] Slept in all day even though I wished to go out as well.

And that pretty much sums up my Eid Holiday.

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