Happy Turturkeykey Day

November 25, 2010  |  Family, Food, Friends, Fun, My Life

It’s Thanksgiving again, time to be thankful for many things in this world, and although this holiday is a Western Holiday I feel that I like celebrating it here at home because of one reason and one reason only.  I like to celebrate Thanksgiving because we need to dedicate a day to say “Thank You” to the important people in our lives.  So I think the best way to do this is to tell you all who I’m thankful for this holiday.

I’m thankful this year for my wonderful parents (who spoil me silly and make me into the gadget geek I am today) Daddy you’ve spoiled me with all the cash you threw my way when I wanted this gadget or the other and Mommy well you’re the awesome person who taught me how to be a geek without your computer knowledge I wouldn’t be the go-to person in the entire family when it comes to anything relating technology.

I’m thankful this year for my sisters (no need to describe them) for being the awesome sisters that they are and for living with my craziness all these years; each one of you dimwits is special in a way and I think you are reading this just to know how well here it is: Fee you are the one I’ve known the longest (duh you were born after me) and therefore with you I had most of my childhood adventures true we put each other in trouble but I’ll never forget the day we wanted to run away together remember we packed our bags and all; Dee you were always the sensitive bratty one the one who talked back but in the end were crazy enough and kind hearted enough to be the head of hair that we all love today, and right now u’re insanefully thin u reminded me of my old self therefore I hate u but then I love u; Neece you are a different story because although u were the baby of the family for so long and although you are infinitely smarter than I am  (except when it comes to gadgets hah!) you are my neighbor, book buddy, tv show buddy, and so much more without you my Thursdays would be incomplete as would my life be; and last but not least Lujii you are the princess of this family, you were born the year I graduated from school and were supposed to replace me when I went off to college but I couldn’t stand to leave you and go I’ve watched you grow into an awesome kid and although you sing and talk alot I love you and can’t live without asking you to get me that water ever single day, I love you pumpkin! Miss you bs!

I’m also thankful for my lovely family: Auntie & her husband K, her children Issous and Toons, as well as my other uncles and cousins; not to forget the most important person in my family I am thankful for which is my lovely Grandmother (May She Live Long and See My Children *someday*).

I’m also thankful for my awesome friends, to mention them wouldn’t be enough especially since they are so many those of you I’ve met through my blog, twitter, and in real life you all mean the world to me.  Thank you for being my friend *cues Golden Girls song*

Now for the light stuff:

-I’m thankful for my TV Shows and TV Men without Ian Somerhalder (The Vampire Diaries) and Matt Bomer (White Collar) my TV life would be so bland not to forget the billion others I adore and love Ed Westwick, Jim Parsons, Neil Patrick Harris, Alex O’Laughlin, Josh Duhamel, Scott Cann, and so many more I am too tired to think of them.

-I’m thankful for my Apple gadgets for they have been with me through thick and thin and give me the power to go on!

-I’m thankful for my health because apart from the tiny hiccups here and there I am blessed with a healthy body and hope to keep it that way.

-I’m thankful for all my other gadgets because they need recognition too and not to be left out.

Most of all I’m thankful for the big turkey I’ll be eating tomorrow at my Aunt’s house in celebration of this awesome day!

To everyone else ENJOY YOUR TURKEYS! And peace be upon you all!

Gobble Gobble! *burp*

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  1. Thank you #1
    we ate the TURKEY Fee cooks for us today,we miss you.
    love you
    from you MacBookAir11″

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! :D You have the cutest blog!

  3. im very thankful that i eat a lot and dont get fat , il7imdilaah :D LOL AMONG OTHER THINGS OFCOURSE

  4. dad : Your welcome and hope the turkey was nice I saw she had onions in it hehe I didn’t like it much.

    expatandthecity : Thanks dear and you have a cute one too :D

    noon : I used to have that now I don’t really have it much, I don’t know what happened :/