What I’m Looking Forward To?

December 2, 2010  |  Birthday, Family, Fun, Movies, Weekend

This weekend is going to be awesome, not only is it Birthday Weekend but there are two new movies out and I am going to one of them tonight and the other tomorrow!

I seriously can’t wait to see “Life as We Know It” starring my honey bunch Josh Duhamel and the boring Katherine Heigel but that’s the price I pay to watch Josh on the movie. (I bet that scene would be censored but it’s the price to pay to see Joshy boy!)

Tomorrow will be spent with family and Lujain going to watch “Tangled” the new animation from Disney! Now if only I can have her hair it would be awesome!

Another thing looking forward to is Saturday, birthday day and the day Daddy comes home with all my gifts and presents yay! One of the things I got myself earlier this year for free was the “Square: Payment System thingy for the iPhone/iPad which is cool” And just so much more!  Oh and a haircut too! I dunno what I’ll do but something new and fresh at least!

I love December!

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  1. i want to watch life as we know it so bad ! i love katherine , bas we3 not looking forward to watch it in kuwait cinema

  2. noon : Hehehe ba3ad I can’t go to Dubai just to watch a movie bs yalla enshalla mo gasen wayed mina :P

  3. omg!! me too! I can’t wait to watch them!

  4. Summer : They were awesome weren’t they?!