Favorite Shows from the Past

December 8, 2010  |  My Life

You know that you’re a bit old when your favorite shows air as reruns and you’ve probably seen that special episode a billion times. I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite old shows! Some that I remember watching while growing up in the 90s.

The list is as follows: (in no particular order)
1. Saved by the Bell
2. Fresh Prince of Bel Air
3. Living Single
4. Family Matters
5. Boy Meets World
6. Veronica’s Closet
7. Perfect Strangers
8. Full House

That’s as far as I remember, I’m interested to find out what are your favorites? Please drop a line and tell me what did you like to watch.

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  1. One of my Fav’s was “Thats so Raven” lol

  2. 1,2,8 the only ones i can memories bes fresh prince wyyyyyyyyyyy still makeeeeeeeeeees me laaaaaugh:P

  3. Adding to your list:

    – Seinfeld
    – Frasier
    – Married with children
    – The nanny


  4. Yep, loved them all. Plus:
    – Beverly Hills 90210
    – Quantum Leap
    – Life Goes On
    – MacGyver

  5. “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” is like “Darb Al-Zalag”….. An all time favorite. Simply a masterpiece.

  6. Hatch3r : Hehehe but that’s new that was in the early 2000s or so :P Those are like 80s and 90s :P I liked it too!

    Gold Medal Ribbon : I know it’s awesome!

    Macintosha : I can’t believe I forgot The Nanny, and Married with Children. I don’t like Seinfeld of Frasier much though

    Mona : Do you remember Sliders? :P

    MacaholiQ8 : Totally LOL! I loved Uncle Phil!