2010 The Sick Year

December 28, 2010  |  Health

I prided myself on not going to the doctor for so long, not finding a need to do that but lately or to be more exact this year I have visited the doctor more times than I could count on my tiny little fingers.  It seems it’s one thing after another and that kind of sucks! Who would want to be in a hospital at any time, granted I get to feel cherished and loved by family and friends but I can be loved in other ways.

Last week, I was faced with major downtime which led me to getting my first IV Drip ever! And boy did that hurt! I kinda hated it, who am I kidding I totally hated it! It was painful and a needle sticking through my hand isn’t something I’d love to experience again.  But all in all, I liked the fact that I quickly was filled with fluid once the IV was done LOL! And I was instantly hungry as well!

What I hope that 2011 brings is a year filled with health and less unhealthy outlooks.  I can’t stand dealing with being sick anymore and therefore my biggest wish is to be extremely healthy in 2011!

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  1. Salamaaaat,

    I used to have the same issue before, but I started to workout regularly and eat well. now I don’t remember being sick for a while..

    get a treadmill or go to gym.

    all the best dear :)

  2. oh hon salamat… i expect the IV drip wasn’t the highlight of your year at all was it?

    Insha2 Allah next year you will be much much healthier :D