Pantomime: Babes in the Wood

December 29, 2010  |  Family, Fun, My Life

On the 10th of December we were invited by a family friend to go see a Pantomime being held at Kuwait Little Theatre in Ahmadi, every year they have pantomimes around the holidays and my little cousins go with their aunt.  It was my first time to go see the Pantomime and I went with my little sister, cousins, and their aunt and cousins.  It was awesome, I really liked it.  It was sort of like an interactive play where the actors interact with the audience sometimes and I loved it!

My ultimate favorite character was “TomTom” played by Tim Wadell.  He was simply amazing as was the rest of the cast.

The story of “Babes in the Wood” basically is a mixture of Robin Hood and a sort of Cinderella type of story.  There was a little boy and girl (brother and sister) who were living with their evil Stepmother, their father was a business man travelling all the time however he was lost for a while and so the stepmother took over.  The stepmother was so evil she tried to have them killed off, however the thieves she hired weren’t that great since the evil Sheriff picked out two of the stupidest people there are who couldn’t have the job done! The play has to have a great hero and that was embodied by Robin Hood who had help from all the good guys around.

In short, it was an awesome play I loved it to death and I would totally go there again!

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