[Reflections] My 2010 In Review

December 30, 2010  |  My Life, New Year, Reflections

In writing the title of this post I actually typed 2011 and then thought wait what’s that! I actually jumped a year LOL! Man I think I want a good year to come already! Anyways I thought I’d mention some cool points that happened in 2010 and see how the good and bad weighed themselves this year.

The Good:

  1. The year started off nicely by just being calm and drama free!
  2. I’ve been watching more movies than ever this year and going to the cinema to enjoy them!
  3. Earlier this March my best friend got engaged and later married in November (I love her and wish her all the best!)
  4. It’s been a gadget year for me starting off with the purchase of the hp mini 210 netbook, and moving onto the iPad 64GB wifi (later got the 3G+Wifi model), Nokia X6, iPhone4, Blackberry Bold 9700, iPod Nano 6th generation, MacBook Air 13″, MacBook Air 11″, Apple TV, Sony WX5, Amazon Kindle 3, Blackberry Torch 9800, and many external hard drives. (Looking at this list I now understand why I didn’t save much this year)
  5. I was interviewed by Qortuba Valley.
  6. I celebrated the 6th year of this blog and it was awesome!
  7. I travelled to Dubai with my Aunt and Sister and it was a fun few days saw a lot of movies there.
  8. I resigned from my previous job and joined a new company, new department.
  9. My godchildren Ali (Swair’s Son) and Juliette (Lily’s Daughter) were born in June which is now my favorite month!
  10. I organized my physical library and my media library!
  11. I started TV @ Couchavenue a new TV-centric blog!
  12. I joined a gym “Curves” and I’m looking forward to the workout!

The Bad:

  1. I became lazier this year which led to point #2.
  2. I was at my heaviest weight ever in late September.
  3. I experienced some health hiccups along the way.
  4. I started a new job which promised a brighter future but was the same shit but different location.
  5. I am now living with only Lujain and my parents as all my other sisters are continuing their studies abroad and I miss them.
  6. Insanely stressed throughout the year and none of my wishes came true except for the gadgety ones.

I think having 6 bad points in comparison to the other 12 good ones defines that 2010 wasn’t that bad of a year, not to mention I didn’t shed that many tears this year so I believe I am stronger.  Here is hoping that 2011 brings forth my wishes and makes them into reality! Wishing you all a Happy New YEAR!

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