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December 30, 2010  |  Birthday, My New Toys, Reviews, Techie

Last year I had bought a Sony WX1 for my birthday, I loved it but one thing you should know is that my camera never stays with me for long because of my father’s job he travels a lot and requires a camera for those trips.  He constantly borrows it and loves it because of the size and quality of pictures.  So earlier in November he had come to me requesting me to order him a new camera and after research I saw the WX5 it looked awesome and felt amazing, so I went ahead and ordered it.

One thing I want to say about the WX5 is that ITS AN AWESOME CAMERA! I used to have some trouble with the WX1 where the photos get a shady black spot there but with this new WX5 I didn’t get any trouble with the pictures.  The pictures all come out looking crystal clear.

Some awesome features available in the camera: 3D Shooting (which is amazing btw!), Sweep Panorama, Background Defocus, Intelligent modes and so much more! The only downside for me is the battery life as it can actually run out during the day if you use the 3D feature a lot! Overall if someone is looking for a compact point and shoot camera that has awesome DSLR features I would highly recommend this one.   The price is awesome as well since it’s available at Amazon for the price of$298 [Buy Here].

P.S. All upcoming pictures I post will show the awesome coolness of this camera!

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  1. why you didn’t say I give you the new camera as a gift girl!!!
    Love you

  2. you should take a look at the sony nex-5 or nex-3 .. they’re really amazing ! the size is good the picture quality is pretty surprising ! it gives you the quality of a dslr camera in a way smaller size and the lens is changeable
    very recommended


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