BBQ Camp Out

January 16, 2011  |  Family, Fun, My Life

On the 17th of December my Aunt travelled to the States and I was supposed to be on that flight but unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances I wasn’t able to take time off and go there! Her kids were staying home with their father since he was in a recent motorbike accident and well he couldn’t travel.  Therefore, before she travelled we had all agreed that we would get together on that day and have a camp out in the yard.

So around 6 in the evening Lujain, my father and I headed over to my Aunt’s place to find that they had already set up the tents, and the BBQ and were already eating.  I sat there with my plate of BBQ-ed food it was delicious we had burgers, hotdogs, and chicken legs & wings!

Later on we set up a small fire and roasted the marshmellows it was awesome.

Finally that night the chestnuts came out and we had yummy chestnuts (kastana).

The whole day was fun the kids played and well I got to enjoy the delicious food! Not only that, I was able to abuse the high-speed internet they had in the house and downloaded all the missing episodes to update my collection. I really really enjoyed myself that day!

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  1. I voted for that little girl

    she won anything ? please say yes :/

  2. wanasa! I love BBQing in this weather with the family! it is the most fun activity ever! 3lekom bel 3afiya :D

  3. I want that camera for my birthday. Thanks! :p