[Life Updates] January is almost over

January 17, 2011  |  My Life

I feel really sad that I have neglected my dear blog this year, especially since I haven’t written anything since the first day of the year.  It’s already 17 days in and well that just makes me sad but I think summarizing those few days can be fun right now.

The year started off for me as a IT Technician for the family, on the 1st of Jan, I had the family lunch gathering at my Grandma’s house where we celebrated her birthday and I was bombarded (literally bombarded or maybe physically!) by a ton of laptops; there was my aunt’s sister in law with her 2 MacBooks, my uncle and his wife’s 2 MacBooks each [they had all purchased new MacBooks and needed help transferring stuff], my other uncle’s brand new netbook I got for him, my other uncle’s iPhone 3GS (brand new conversion), not to mention knick-knacks here and there.  I was about to kill myself from all the stress I had felt during the day itself, and I went home feeling a giant migraine coming on.

But that was just the start, later on, I kind of had fun where I actually went for my first workout at Curves (the gym) on the 2nd of January and met my best friend Swair to go shopping in the Avenues and redecorate her home office.  It was an awesome day and I liked being able to connect with friends early on in the year.

The rest of the week was dedicated to spending time with my little sister #3 before she went back to Omaha, NE and it was spent by going to the spa, shopping, lunch, movies and more.  It was awesome and I liked it.  I just miss the others #4 and #2 they were not able to come during the holidays.

The rest of the days since the 6th of January just flew by and had nothing specific to report but I kinda like the cold weather and rain we’ve been getting but wish there was more! I want the great flood of ’97 to be back.. wait was it ’97 or ’99 I don’t remember.

That’s been my first few weeks of January, how were yours? Were they cool? Please share them with me.

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  1. lots of activitiessss :) yeeeppppeeee

    mine were quiet but awesommmme :D o nshallah urs always filled with celebrations :*

  2. I LOVED going out with you and 3awawi enjoyed it too lol

  3. AND i love my new template! You forgot to mention that we launched that gem of awesome sauce ;p