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January 18, 2011  |  Apple, iPhone, Software, Techie

MacWorld is not yet here and we have had a busy few weeks with announcements from Apple.  On the 6th of January, Apple launched the Mac App Store within a Software Update for Snow Leopard and it is one of the awesomest things out there, it really ties almost all of Apple’s products to one interface in which we have an iTunes Store, iTunes App Store, and now a Mac App Store.  All our software available in one area for download whether it’s free or not, you will be able to find it.

Another important announcement last week on the 11th of January was the “Verizon iPhone” finally appearing and joining the “AT&T iPhone”.  Apple has finally given US consumers the option to have a choice between the two different service providers.  Some of the key features that the “Verizon iPhone” has are: CDMA device rather than a GSM which means it is not going to take advantage of the higher speeds of their 4G Network, it looks exactly the same as the iPhone 4 however with a redesigned Antenna style, and will run iOS 4.2.5 which has the special feature of “Personal Hotspot” in other words you can have your personal Mi-Fi on your iPhone now. [Link] [Everything you need to know][Verizon iPhone as Wi-Fi Hotspot] The Verizon iPhone will be available on the 10th of February 2011. [More Links][And More]

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  1. Know any good apps? I’ve only downloaded angry birds and chopper 2 lol