[Tech] Blackberry Leaked News

January 18, 2011  |  Blackberry, Techie

While Blackberry was announcing the Playbook and it’s availability, some leaked shots of other devices were finding their way online.

We got a chance to see what the Blackberry Storm might look like [Link] .

As well as the rumored Blackberry Torch 2 which will feature some cool updates in its specs. [Link]

Another leaked model was the Blackberry Curve “Apollo” in which an image was only given and not much of the specs or any of the other important information. [Link]

Not to forget about the newest and most interesting leak ever, the Blackberry “Dakota” which might be a new Bold model and might not.  But nonetheless it’s got awesome cool features that would make you want to grab one instantly if you were a huge fan of the Bold style. [Link]

It’s going to be one hell of a year for Blackberry with its new units and the release of the Playbook.

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  1. I know deep down this post was titled “To my addicted Sister”, they are updating your blackberry! ;)

    love u j