[Apple] iOS 4.3 Coming Soon

January 23, 2011  |  Apple, Apps, iPad, iPhone

The Apple news of the month didn’t stop only with the announcement of the Verizon iPhone or the Mac App Store, but they also announced the upcoming release of iOS 4.3 by seeding it to App Developers and releasing some details on what to expect.

Some of the features that have been leaked about the iPad 2.0 also made way on the Internet waves so I’ll dedicate this post to that information:

iOS 4.3 Features: [Everything You Need To Know]

  1. New Multi-tasking gestures (Four finger swipe and five) [Link] [Link]
  2. Personal Hotspot to iOS devices (iPhone) [Link]
  3. iPad’s Mute Switch can be either Mute or Orientation Switch [Link]
  4. Camera Effects [Link]
  5. Photobooth to iOS [Link]

iPad 2.0 Features: [Summary]

  1. Evidence to 2 cameras [Link] [Link]
  2. Might Come with a Proximity Sensor [Link]
  3. Perhaps a Retina Display [Link]
  4. Higher Resolution Screen, SD Card Slot, 2 Cameras [Link] [Link]

MacWorld is Next Week are you excited? [Link] I know I am!

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  1. okay, i seriously can’t wait!! :D

  2. Has a date been set?

  3. Is There Any New Iphones To Be Realesed Soon ?!!

  4. oooh cannot wait! im dying to see ipad 2.0!