Quick Update on iPad 2 Situation

March 12, 2011  |  Apple, iPad, My New Toys, Pissed Off

My order has been cancelled stating that I have exceeded the allowed limit per customer, bear in mind I only ordered 2 iPads.  Therefore I will be asking one of my sisters to grab me one from one of the Apple Stores in her State.  That way I can still get it without having to wait for the 2-3 weeks shipping estimate if I ordered it online.

And that’s all folks.


Jacqui is sad.

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  1. another Sad one is here ;) my order is being canceled too, u r lucky having ur sisters living in States ;)

  2. aaawwww . . . kel ta25eeera feha 5eera nshallah :*

  3. Man that stinks but at least you get one. I think in true apple fashion they hyped the stock but knew there wouldn’t be enough. Let us know if you like it.

  4. mo,

    the sister in the states (me) is not lucky having to drive out out out out out to the middles of nowhere n visit every store jacqui thinks an ipad could be lurking :) but she’s worth it :p

  5. i still dont understand the fuss about the ipad :P it has to have a keyboard!! oh and i heard on the radio that it still has unfixed issues

  6. Just Quick Update here XD
    I’ll be getting mine sooooooooOoooooooon
    how soon? by Sunday
    This info is provided as it’s just to tease jacqui :P

  7. My order is being canceled too, i remember the same thing happen when i ordered my iPhone 3G 2 years ago i talked to the customer service they told me the problem was with the address i used which is ARAMEX their system automatically flag the address after 2 orders anyway i placed an order on a different website not sure if its legit but I’m desperate my order status still the same (Confirming Order With Warehouse) wish me luck :)

    Apple iPad 2 Wi-Fi +3G for AT&T 64GB – White Model No: MC984LL/A
    Total cost: $ 842.48

  8. Mo : Yeah it’s just been difficult! But oh well!

    swera : Yeah enshalla feeha kel khair!

    Todd : Yeah they definitely did but it’s okay I’ll post a new post about how it is in a few hours :)

    your battlefield : You bet I am worth it!

    noon : Nope no unfixed issues, just people over-stressing over every thing on it.. but it’s great it works nicely!

    BL4CK4X1L3 : I would’ve killed you but then again I already got my temporary one last Monday :D

    iMoayad : Good luck and it sucks but there will be ways around it when the other countries start selling it.