I Miss My Sisters

March 16, 2011  |  Family, Friends, My Life

I miss my sisters: Fee, Dee, and Nee (aka Knee) (aka aka Sister #4) it’s been a while since they’ve been back, Dee was back during the Winter Break for only 3 weeks (which is short) but the other 2, I last saw them in August/September of last year and they might be coming back later on in July I believe :/

I was looking at the pictures of the P2BK posts that bloggers have been posting and I remembered the time I went with my sister Fee (it was a fun time!)  and it got me thinking how much I miss hanging out with her.

I know I have Lujain here and things should be awesome but there is an 18 year difference between us.  I miss Nee’s commentary on the TV Shows we watch! I would just look across our shared desk at home and we’d discuss the latest One Tree Hill dilemma, swoon over Blair and Chuck in Gossip Girl, drool over Damon & Stefan from Vampire Diaries, and so much more.  I miss Dee and her diva-ness, she really is sometimes full of herself but in a good way hehe and is up for anything (she is also the one who I’m depending on to get me the iPad 2’s!)

I just miss walking into any one of their rooms and having a late-night chat about anything and everything, whether its in their bedroom or sometimes the occasional bathroom conversation hehe.

Come back already idiots! Come back! Finish your studying and come back!

P.S. In the meantime I have Auntie as my big sister, Ananyah as my almost near twin sister, Swera as my closer twin sister, and Swair as my younger sister, and Lily as my baby sister.  Although Ananyah and Lily are abroad I still have the others I love you all!

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  1. I miss your sisters too lol
    And I love you more, I don’t know what I’d do without you :*

  2. yaaaaa b3d glby wallah :*

    I was going to comment by sayin “im ur sister ya shagool n im here for u” before completing reading the whole post n then . . . WOW! yes Im ur twin sister! Call me whenever u want ;) halayam 9aba7y ana :Pp

  3. (;S)
    Life can be hard sometimes
    While I only got one sister but once she got married I didn’t see her
    that goes for 2 years now ;|

    While I do agree on what you said about siblings’ relationship but I won’t go as far as drooling on Stefan and Damien <<– Maybe because I'm a boy XD

    yrj3o bs sLamah inshallah ;D wo y7fadhom lch ya rab

  4. Swair : Aww you still have wawi hehe he’s better than me :P he’s cuter!

    swera : Hehehe 7ayate walla I will of course :*** Loves you insanely! And that should teach you to not jump to conclusions! :P

    BL4CK4X1L3 : Allah yesalmek and yeah I would guess that after a sister marries her life kind of moves on to her new family.