Job Stress 2011 Edition

March 20, 2011  |  My Life, Pissed Off

I started a new job last June, a new field in a different Bank.  Unfortunately I should’ve listened to my gut instincts and not gone with it but needless to say I didn’t do that.  Instead I ignored my gut and got the job.  It’s something entirely new, I have no experience in it, but I only have a vague idea.

My stress arises from the fact that there is no one to teach you what is right and wrong in this job, that I am alone in this department and I am learning as I go along.  The mistakes are in fact highly sensitive so I am in a a pile of manure.  But that’s not the only problem, my direct manager is an ass, one who chooses to not do his job but in fact drop it on my head, especially since it’s of finance nature.  I get assigned tasks which I know zilch about and when I ask for help I get vague answers even when I ask for explanation, I am then delegated to my senior manager.

This is the main reason why I have decided to quite banking sector, quit the private sector in full.  My contract is for 1 year and renewable however I am choosing not to renew it as I hate this and I have become even more stressed out ever since.   I just feel like I want to explode, whoever said private sector is the easiest field to get into is a dumb monkey!

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  1. Babe just quit n stay home . . . no need to suffer like that! get a government job wallah its much better :D

  2. i feel for you ;) but “why i decided to quite the banking sector….” loool for such a serious post, i enjoyed that typo ;P lool muuuwah love u bbbbbbb

  3. Really hope that Ur direct manager cant access to ur page here ;)

  4. swera : That’s in the plans :P So not to worry there will be doing something great finally!

    your battlefield : hehe I didn’t notice it but oh well :P Can’t wait to be there!

    Mo : Nah he can’t and well he’s got more stuff to deal with than reading my thoughts.

  5. I said it before! Its not the private sector, its the banking sector! U should have went into the techie industry its entertaining! Honestly try getting a job with an ISP and you will love it, since you will be in your realm and then you will see what it is to have high speed internet! lol