The One Where I Had Lunch With Yehya

April 9, 2011  |  Friends, Fun, My Life

Let me start off by saying that I am proud to say that I am actually writing this post on the night that the event happened and not procrastinating as I usually do! So Kudos to me!

I had lunch today with Yehya the Egyptian, the dude who is on “Jimmy Kimmel” he’s an Egyptian living in the US who has an awesome hobby of taking pictures with celebrities, some might say he is some sort of Paparrazi person but I would like to think of him as a hobbyist! So, Zain invited me and Lujain to have lunch at Pizzeta in Spoons today and meet with this awesome dude!  Not only that but I got to meet awesome bloggers and have lunch with them! (Yipppeee!)

Yehya, started off this hobby in the 60s or something like that, all I know is that he’s been doing this for 20-30 years and he’s got quite a collection of over 1000 celebrities, American, Canadian, South American, Egyptian, Indian, French, if the person is a celebrity he has it! He started off with Dalida and this other guy and well he went on to the modern day celebs we see today.  It was nice hearing his stories and seeing his albums! I loved it!

Lunch was awesome, and it was nice talking about blogs and blogging with other bloggers, I felt old there though being the oldest blogger hehehe but it was fun! I am literally the oldest blogger (in blogging age) but I believe one of the few non-commercial ones!  You know you are out to have lunch with bloggers when the second the food arrives everyone whips out their camera to take snapshots of the food.  Even “Yehya” commented on it and said that this is the first time he sees food as a subject of photographs (personally I think he was jealous of the attention *just kidding*) hehehe I loved seeing Ansam, Q8Stig, 7ajiDude, His from His&Hers, HiKuwait, and other Zain staff! It was a nice intimate lunch and I kind of want to get to see more of these!

Man, time sure has changed since the beginning of blogging, back then everyone wanted to remain anonymous and never went anywhere for fear of others finding out.  Now, everyone wants to be known!




Thanks Zain for this invite it was AWESOME!

For more coverage check out what our blogging friends wrote, also I *borrowed* the video from our favorite Dudette (7ajiDude):

7ajiDude [Link]

His&HersQ8 [Link]

LujainTalks [Link]

Ansam518 [Link]

HiKuwait [Link]

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  1. Nice !! ;) Love…

    See you soon Jacquies and kiss Lujain for me.

  2. im glad you guys had fun :* bil3afia

  3. Nice to meet you Jacqui
    I shocked when I saw apple’s pics on you ipad lol!!
    keep going & all the Best :D

  4. Job well done posting right away! This guy is pretty funny! I remember his interview!

    Zain did a good job of bringing him and you guys together!

  5. Oh man i’ve should been there ;/

  6. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    lucky you
    looks like a nice lunch
    i wish i was there :)

  7. thats sounds amazing !! you seem you had fun !

    and he look fun ;p

  8. Dudette : Aww thanks and I will of course!

    noon : Thanks hon! And allah e3afeech :D

    Mubarak Esmail : Hehehe thanks and I know I’m just obsessed with it all!

    Marzouq : Definitely and it was a nice feeling to actually write immediately LOL!

    brownsuger : Yes you should’ve! Why didn’t you guys come!

    ia7md : Yeah the lunch was awesome! You should’ve been there!

    Omarker : Yeah he was insane hehehe crazy fun guy! And I did have a lot of fun!


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