Jacqui Has Left Kuwait!

April 16, 2011  |  My Life, Travel Log 2011

I have officially left Kuwait last night, and right now I am waiting to leave New York to head over to Omaha, Nebraska! Wooohooo can’t wait to see my sister! It’s going to be fun tonight.

Only sad thing is, the weather is INSANELY COLD! BRRRRR! I’ve got lots of pictures that I’m taking on this trip however they have all been uploaded to my instagram account (find me: jacqui) and my twitter account (@jacquies) as well as my Facebook account.  I have more pictures to take of course but this time I am going to have an insane time! YAY!

Anyways keep an eye out here for updated posts I will try to post daily of my adventures as I have missed writing a Travel Blog!  It’s NEW YORK BABYYY!


Love you Lujain :D Oh and thanks alot to Sister #4 for her hospitality in her little rabbit hole :P It was nice living in a closed space!

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  1. trooo7en wetredeeen besalama nshallah ;D u’ll be missed :(

  2. بالسلامه انشالله وعليج بالعافيه

  3. inshallah u will have a great time there.

    sorry to say that i just discovered ur blog but its really an awesome blog.

    from now on inshallah i wont miss any of ur posts.

  4. Inshalla you are enjoying your time!

    Especially with your new Mac :P

  5. cool
    enjoy your time there ;)

  6. Hope you’re having fun!

    Random question: I just ordered a 11.6inch 1.6GHz 4GB RAM Macbook Air. Have you tried one? I currently have an 09 Macbook and it’s 13inches and has 4GB ram as well but a 2GHz processor. But the MBA has SSD.

  7. swera : Allah esalmech dear and will see you when I get back inshalla!

    fereej : Allah esalmek dear enshalla :D

    Mohd : Aww thanks alot and I’ll try to write more often hehe so you don’t miss out on a lot of posts!

    Marzouq : Hells yeah!

    Dear Romeo : Thanks dear :D

    ross : Thanks dear and I have one of those too! Hehehe the MBA 11″ 4GB 1.6Ghz is insanely faster only for the fact that it runs on SSD, I went for 1.4Ghz but I upgraded the SSD to 128GB, it’s amazing I love it!

  8. I’m using it to type this lol. I got all the upgrades. I love it! One thing i noticed though is that the edges around the screen are a bit sharp. At least compared to my old MacBook. I did something stupid and ordered the british keyboard I think, so the enter key is the weird upside down L shape which I hate but I can’t do anything about that I’ll just have to get used to it haha