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April 28, 2011  |  Travel Log 2011

I’ve been in the US for about a week now and I’ve been a bad blogger! I wanted to keep an updated daily journal but I guess the key to blogging now would be to summarize my trips in a few posts.  I have finished with my time in Omaha, Nebraska and I am now in Columbus, Ohio (home of Glee-sters!) I enjoyed my time with Sister #3 (aka Your Battlefield) she was awesome and I felt welcome in her place.  The things I would love to discuss would most likely be the funky food places I went to, the event I attended, my journey to grabbing an iPad2, and the mini-redecorating project I went through in Omaha.

I love blogging but am too lazy to do so mainly because I like watching my TV Shows so much more hehe and not to mention I love sleeping, going out, having awesome meals and spending time with my new gadget babies.  So just stay tuned I will be cranking out the posts as fast as I can.

Note: I have been updating my twttier (@jacquies) and my instagram (jacqui) more often than my blog simply because I get lazy trying to find pictures to incorporate with the posts but I am keeping updated stuff there :P

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  1. Omarker : Almost back on track will try to crank out a lot of posts now!