[Gadget Fun] Gelaskins Love!

I will be starting a series of my Travelling posts and the awesome stuff I bought from the States and one of the things was an accessory I got for my iPad2 as well as my little sister’s iPad2!

It’s the Gelaskin!

Basically, they are removable vincyl skins that are made for protecting and cusotmizing your portable devices.  You can purchase from the ready made stock items or create your own which I opted to do.  For Lujain I chose an awesome picture I had of her taken with the iPhone 4 and made the skin, whereas for myself I simply chose a background I liked from  PixelGirlPresents and added an Android-ified me to it with my nickname and such.


It didn’t take long for it to ship and arrive and when it did I couldn’t wait to get back home and install it.  I arrived last night and couldn’t wait so I installed Lujain’s first and today I installed mine.  Check out how awesome it is! I am in love with it! And it’s so awesome with the Smart Cover that you simply don’t wish to hide it anymore!

I love me some Gelaskins!

Note: I also got some awesome Griffin Stylus Pens for the iPad and iPhones which work awesome and feel amazing! They had awesome colors out so I grabbed an Aqua Blue model for Lujain to match her Blue theme and a Red one for mine! [Link]

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  1. you can find them at EZGRT.com too :P

  2. soooooo beautiful, i want one, i’ll get one after i get my ipad nshallah :D

  3. i love them!! and your sister is really cute! mashallah ;p

  4. Tawni astaw3ib your Jacquis looks like a Lego doll!