Down with Download CAPS!

June 4, 2011  |  Pissed Off, Rants, Techie

We have officially stepped back in time where man has just invented the wheel out of stone and is learning how to make fire! That is exactly how I feel with this stupid situation that we are experiencing where stupid idiotic ISP companies such as Qualitynet, GulfNet, Kems, Fasttelco, VIVA, and others have embraced the daily download data limits/caps!

Seriously 2GB a day? Seriously do you think that when I take out a subscription for the house that we are in the 90s where there is just 1 computer sitting there and everyone in the family is waiting in line to use that computer?  Haven’t you heard of the latest invention called iPhones/iPads/iPod Touches? Haven’t you heard of iTunes? Basically right now to update my apps on my iPhone and iPad I have to wait hours if not days to do that because I share my connection at home with my entire family, we are currently 4 people and each and everyone of us has their own iTunes account with our own apps to update not to mention my little sister watches her YouTube videos and my dad reads his news and downloads his emails! Seriously do you think that 2GB a day is enough!!!!!!!!!!!

I would understand when it comes to Mobile companies such as VIVA/Zain/Wataniya to instill data caps because well they want the internet to be available for everyone on the go but I don’t support it! If you want to place a data cap then it should at least be monthly (it shouldn’t even be there to begin with!)

Piracy isn’t the only thing that eats up the bandwidth, and not everyone is a pirate in this day and age.  I for one download all of my Apps officially, music/movies as well from the iTunes store and each and everyone of them is not quite small! Why should I be penalized? Why should I have a download cap! Why should anyone have one?! We are not in the stone ages! We are in the year 2011 for god’s sake!

Qualitynet, GulfNet, Kems, Fasttelco, VIVA, Zain, Wataniya, and everyone else who has a download data cap get your shit together because you are pissing off the majority of the users out there! Not everyone is Amish in their usage of the internet and I am not going to go grab an internet connection from every ISP out there just to get a decent connection.  Not only are you lying to us, giving us the worst service ever, letting us deal with major downtime/slow speeds/and so much more, you are now taking away the only decent thing we can rely on which is the ability to surf the internet and live like human beings! If I were to depend on the movies available in the Cinemas I would’ve killed myself from the Censorship, if I would’ve had to depend on watching the latest TV Shows from our pathetic channels I would still be watching old episodes of Friends and not know that new series exist (some networks are bringing new shows to us but I don’t have the time of day to sit there waiting for your programming to start, I watch shows on my time and like to be up to date with the ones airing in the US!) and so forth!

As you can see I am fuming mad! Get your shit together and fix this or I don’t know what I’ll do but seriously get it together!

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  1. internet sux these days specially VIVA! dunno what their problem! and it also gets disconnected from time to time! very frustrating :/

  2. I am just as pissed off as you are..
    Do you seriously buy all your movies and tv shows? I mean apps yeah sure I do too but I download my movies and shows from torrents lol.

    Oh and I can’t wait for monday! :D

  3. It is very frustrating indeed, I can’t understand why would a landline ISP would place a daily/monthly download cap? I understand it if a wireless carrier would to preserve their bandwidth but not landline ISP ?? if someone starts abusing your service just penalize him/her ! don’t penalize all of your customers for few wrong doers ? besides!? 2 , 3 or 4GB of daily use is a joke! streaming video or audio from the internet consumes the most of that! If i were to stream a Game (I stream all of my NBA Games live from the internet in HD) That would easily burn that 3GB or whatever cap you enforce! you expect us to pay 20, 30 , 40 KD a month for a service that caps usage ? Hey I don’t go download anything or everything I want or don’t want & sell them across the pavement in Hawalli or next to a Co-Op ? seek those people and have them pay for their wrong doings not me!

    Besides the high prices we get to pay for a (decent) internet service you treat us like kindergarden kids & limit our use? How sick is that?

  4. Im totally pissed off from those companies.

    i believe we should make a stand and stop renewing or subscription & switching to telecommunication companies, although they have a download limit but they had it since the beginning and its much cheaper than Qualitynet, GulfNet, Kems & Fasttelco

  5. WTG Jacqui! Loved the post and I hope for change.

  6. Yousef ALRasheed : Thanks dear thanks for your support!

    swera : Everyone sucks! That’s just it!

    ross : Well not all my movies and TV shows, I watch the seasons by downloading them but once the season is over I wait for the full season DVD to grab those of the shows I love the most. Apps and such hells yeah I can’t do it any other way :s

    G-Funk : I know what you mean and I totally understand we are being punished for the others and it’s not fair!

    Mohd : But no internet = emptiness!

    expatandthecity : Thanks love and hopefully we do see a change!


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