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June 9, 2011  |  Books, Shout Outs

So this is the first time in a really long time that I get invited to a social event and I kinda missed out on the others since I found out that it can be fun not to mention being able to run into some friends from twitter or the blog world it was awesome!

I was invited by Danderma a few days ago to the book signing of her book “Yawmyat Wa7da Q8ya Dathra” and being an avid reader of the series on her blog and being the one to literally get the very first copy ever and to get it signed from her before everyone else did I had to go and show my support! And I will go to another one if there is as well simply because I love her book and love what she has done to herself! She took a thing she created and made it into an actual book.. Enshalla next it becomes a TV Show!  The day of the event I promised her that I would live-tweet the event as best as I could via Instagram and Twitter and that is what I ended up doing. (I feel bad though I didn’t get awesome pictures as I was shooting them with my iPhone4 :()

I arrived there a little bit after 7 and they had not yet begun I was happy, grabbed a seat close to the front, waved and smiled to Danderma (in a way I saw her relax to see another familiar face in the audience, not to mention I kept giving her thumbs up’s hehe cheering her on!) :P Once I sat down I also realized that I knew one other writer up on the stage! I knew Laila Al Gharabally, the author of the children’s book “Al Hadeya” she’s also a fellow bloggerette and I was happy to be there as well to support her!

Up on the panel I saw the authors: Mohammad Al Kanderi, author of “Virginia 999”; Ali Moumen, author of “A Column called: The World We Live In”; Hamad Al Zamami, author of “Tarateel”; Nada Sheshtar (Danderma), author of “The Chronicles of Dathra; a Dowdy Girl from Kuwait (Yawmyat Wa7da Q8ya Dathra”; Laila Al Gharabally, author of “Al Hadeya”; Bashayer Chraq, author of “Shabah Al Mathi”; and Abrar Malek, author of “Mama Aneesa: Al Insana”.  They were introduced one by one and given a chance to speak about their respective books! It was awesome to hear from them and see what went on in their heads to create these lovely pieces of art.

Shortly after they were done a Q&A session was started in which members of the audience asked some questions to the authors, there weren’t many questions just 3 and the best one was the last in which a member of the audience asked why the authors didn’t breach any boundaries and talk about things such as religion, politics, etc.  The authors responded but the best response was from Danderma in which she mentioned “The day I enter a book store in Kuwait and purchase a Salman Rushdi book “Satanic Verses” and am able to read it in the comforts of my home, is the day we breach the boundaries in Kuwait, otherwise I am content without that breach” that resulted in grabbing an applause from the audience and personally I agreed with every word and syllable in that answer!

The book signing began (I wished it would’ve been more organized: i.e. I wished that there were separate tables with the authors sitting on each separate one and a stack of their books right next to them, it would definitely beat the waiting time you get and the long line in front of one author and not the other).  To tell you the truth, Danderma had the longest line by the time I left and the other authors weren’t that crowded (it might also be because Danderma’s book was a brand new one and I have heard that some authors had previous Book Signings hence not a lot of people came for them, or something like that).

All in all it was a lovely event, nicely laid out with a good enough timing (however leaving Shuwaikh at that time of the night was a NIGHTMARE!) and I’d like to thank 52 Degrees the chance to let our lovely authors come all in one place to share their books with us.

I’d also like to say that I met a lovely set of twitter friends and blogger friends for the first time and some for the millionth time :D I met Chirp, Edge from Edge of Imagination, Noodzie, Zabooo6a, Ali M, and I guess some others but for the life of me I can’t remember the names.

P.S. Tareq Al Ali was there and sitting in the row behind me that was awesome! :P I also think I saw Talal Al Yaqout when I came in!

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  1. bad i missed it, & missed Danderma’s famous answer :P

    best of luck :*

  2. Jacquies?

    This post is AMAZING masha2 Allah… so detailed… as if I am going there in the car with you!

    You were quite right, I saw you and I relaxed a bit… ur the 2nd familiar face I saw after PinkGirl and i was watching the door and it was already 7 and the chairs were empty and I believed it was going to be a big flop and no one will come o 7altee 7ala…

    I am glad its kinda over ;p

    Thank you lovely Jacquies… for everything :****

  3. swera : Enshalla el yayat akthar :P

    Danderma : Hehehe thanks love and that’s cool I’m glad you relaxed after seeing familiar faces hehe :P Your welcome love and it was really nothing! :D