[News] iPhone 4 Officially with Zain

June 12, 2011  |  Gadget Deals, iPhone, Shout Outs

I just wanted to rush out and say that the iPhone 4 is now available officially with Zain Kuwait! They have followed VIVA’s announcement made last April however I believe Zain has some awesome offers the prices are definitely lower than VIVA’s as you can see! [True the Phone plans of VIVA are better but to each their own]

Way to go Zain and thanks for bringing us the iPhone!



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  1. I think the 32 KD plan is the way to go with the extra 30 KD for 64GB . now lets hope price wont go up with the iPhone 5/4s ….
    Thanks for the post :)

  2. باجر ماخذلي واحد :)))

  3. Any idea of what’s their “fair Usage Policy” limit is ?

  4. Cool. The white 1 looks good…

  5. VIVA & ZAIN are set on fire :) I love how they compete with great offers

  6. Its good they try to bring these phones to market officially! But why aren’t they even trying to work with Android! They have fantastic phones!

  7. FhD : Your welcome and I doubt that the price will go up as they are now officially affiliated with Apple therefore the pricing comes from Apple HQ and not the Telecom provider :D

    fereej : Awesome! :D

    G-Funk : Most likely the 2GB a month thing :D

    Miss Good Egg : Sure does!

    BananaQ8 : Hehehe I know! Zain is like AT&T they’ve got the largest network whereas VIVA is like hmm I’m not sure but maybe Verizon in which it’s got stability for now :D

    Marzouq : They’ll probably do something sooner or later but the thing is Apple has always been an exclusivity thing so I guess they sorted that out first :D