Last Day in Banking Sector

June 19, 2011  |  My Life, Random

Tomorrow is my last day at work! I can’t believe it I am seriously going to be out of that stupid job where I just can’t accept the different things I have never loved the banking sector and being in it made it a thousand times worse now if I was in the Tech sector “Ohhhh la la la!” that would be the life! No matter how hectic it gets its technology and I loves me some good technology and gadgets!

So tomorrow marks the end of the 5 year stint in Banking! I do not have anything lined up at the moment still exploring some options but at the same time I won’t be that destitute, as many of you know I like to design/re-design blogs therefore I will be dabbling into that for the time being until I line something else up.  The reason I didn’t line up another job immediately was the fact that I would have to stay another full year where I worked at and I couldn’t handle that but good things come to those who want good things! :P

One of the best things is that in less than 2 weeks I will be back in the US this time in New York specifically with pure relaxation and interior designing (not much of it really just buying a couch and a television for my baby sis) and hitting some broadway shows and awesome movies! [Bad Teacher, here I come!] I can’t wait and I just can smell the awesome fresh air imagining how it’ll be there! Sister No 4’s apartment looks out at the Empire State Building from one window and the Chrysler building from the other sort of like what Neal Caffrey has with his pad :P (for those of you who don’t know him, he’s on White Collar, the con who helps the FBI).  I will binge out on the awesome burgers and pizzas, catch the broadway shows, movies, walk around in the city, and just explore it! Since I’m staying put in one place I will spend more time on myself and that would be awesome! Can’t wait!

So off I go to sleep before my last day at work! :P

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  1. ” walk around in the city, and just explore it! ”

    Amd probably mugged or shot at… :p

  2. Leaving a job and divorce are the bravest things ever.
    I am not sure if “Bravest” is a word! but auto correct said nothing.

    Good luck Jacqui

  3. Congraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatzzzzz :)

    sooo happyyyyyyy for u love & hope u’ll meet Neal while walking exploring the city :P

    nshallah u’ll get a better job ya rb :*

  4. congrats and good luck!

  5. Good Luck and enjoy your trip, when u come back i will book you for design project in my mind :)

  6. I suppose in a commercial world like the one we live in having a 5-years worth of banking experience in your CV isn’t such a bad thing, though I totally see you working in IT or Technology. Have you ever considered getting a masters in either one of them? Why not continue abroad with your sisters? I think it only takes a year. I’d do it in a jiff if I ever had the chance.

    Allah yaktiblich ili feeh il5air wisa3ada enshallah :*

  7. Congratulations on getting done with your work! And at last leaving the crappy job! I hope you find something that you enjoy and prefer working with better people!

    Enjoy the trip and the movies! Thats exactly what I would do! And stay away from the Apple store! lol

  8. So Apple store will officially be sold out in New york ha ?? :p

    Good for u babe do whatever makes you happy and enjoy it to the max , you will be missed

    When you come back , I would love for you to redesign our blog .. Hope u didn’t forget our characters :p

    Peace and love :*

  9. mabroook! and may many new doors be opened up for you! I think you should consider designing blogs! you’re amazing with that!

  10. Ahhh you’re so lucky! I wish I could do that :(
    Swera is right, why don’t you consider doing website development??
    I think it’s true when they say “Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”. (I have yet to experience that :))

  11. Good luck on your first last day! :P

  12. Hiya!
    Kindly grab your award and accept the tag from my kingdom of scribble!!! :D
    Click here.

  13. MBH : LOL Shako mugged and shot hehe it’s not that dangerous :P

    Q8Stig : Thanks dear and yeah it sure is brave and scary too but then you get used to it hehe :P

    swera : Thanks love o men bo2ek le bab el sama hehe :P Hopefully I’ll run into Matt Bomer :P

    id : Thanks alot dear :D

    Qortuba Valley : Thanks dear and that would be awesome :D

    Miss Good Egg : Thanks love and walla I’ve been always thinking about the IT thing but unfortunately I’ve got an English Lit degree hehe not sure how that would allow me to master in IT :P Hehe oh well! :P

    Marzouq : Hehe I’m staying away from the Apple Store only because I don’t have anything else I would buy hehe well other than Lion OSX :P Maybe a Mac Mini but no no I don’t want more hehe and thanks alot hehe I hope this time I grab something I loves!

    7ajidude : Won’t forget and thanks love hehehe, don’t count on the store being sold out hehe :P I have been here for 5 days and still haven’t bought a thing :P

    Summer : Thanks love and I would consider that but it’s a hobby for me hehe I don’t want to ruin a good relationship between me and designing :P

    Linda : Hehehe we all have yet to experience that but maybe one day and I love Designing as a hobby hehe might take it up as more than that but for now I think it’ll be my safe net thing :D

    r.alsharif : Thanks dear :D

    Elegant Chic : Thanks love and will do :D