New York: It’s July!

July 6, 2011  |  Travel Log 11

So I celebrated the 1st of July in New York! That’s kinda awesome I guess (playin’ it cool because I’m that awesome! :P JK) but the 1st of July was nice it was our last furniture shopping day as we wanted to get that out of the way so we spent the day at IKEA, had lunch there and left by 6PM-ish! We ended up grabbing a nice sofa bed from there, our first choice all along, a nice set of cubicles and extra foldable chair along with a chair cushion! It was all good!

Lujain modelling the couch we choose back home! :D

My dilemma on this trip is the walking all over the place I am developing leg muscles simply because I walk everywhere! God I miss my car (not 100% though) I know that the best thing about walking is that when I go home I’m like insanely thin (not really, I’m lying to myself mostly) But I look like I’ve lost some nice pounds so that’s good but I need to work on my endurance a bit (I guess this means I have to get back to the gym now when I go home!)

Anywho, we went back home and waited for delivery of our items the next day.

Saturday, the 2nd of July was upon us, the day the exterminator came over to spray the apartment, I was half asleep but chose to stay in bed as my sister walked around her small studio apartment with him while he sprayed.  We were playing a day at home, starting off with the visit from the exterminator and then later that even a visit from IKEA to build our couch and deliver our items.  Unfortunately IKEA cancelled on us therefore we chose to go out and have lunch at “Sunflower Diner” right down the street from where she’s at, it was nice but normal food you know.  Afterwards we had our nails did and just chilled back home! It’s funny that I wanted to “work” on my designs or writing but I just couldn’t I watched some TV and then off to bed we went!

All in all, I’m having fun not being a full on tourist in New York simply because I want the time to just recharge and dial everything down and it’s what I’m getting I loves it!

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  1. Some IKEA couches are pretty decent but what I don’t like is how quickly their foot breaks :/

  2. nothing better than Summer in the City .. I miss NYC so bad .. can’t wait til my next trip home .. need to start planning now ;)

  3. I have this couch right now in front of mee LOOOOOL it’s perfect when someone want’s to sleep over because it turns into bed duud;p