Jet Lagged in Kuwait

July 24, 2011  |  Kuwait, My Life, Travel Log 11

So I’ve been back for the past week and a few days and I have been ever since jet lagged to the limit! It’s either that or I am the queen procrastinator (which I also am) you see ever since before I left my clock has been whacked out at the time I was telling myself that I was preparing myself for New York time and the shift there but I think I’m just being too lazy, spending so much time watching shows and turning my brain into a cabbage patch kid than doing anything important but I’m not sure the jury is still out for that verdict.

I came back to the heat, and although I hate it hehe I get to hibernate and that I love hehe until the a/c stops working! Then I start hating everything and everyone. I am really trying to find a solution to my sleeping patterns you see even if I wake up at 10 or 11 and then stay up all day without a nap I can’t seem to sleep (even though I’m dead tired) before 4AM! I don’t know why, maybe I should change the clock on my MacBook Air from New York time to Kuwait time. But I kinda like the New York time since it tells me when my shows are out without having to convert time in my head LOL! :P

Anywho, I hope I get back to this thing called “blogging” I really do! I need to do something useful and I should but I don’t wanna promise myself because I worry that I won’t keep it up. Otherwise, I’m happy to be home (until I start craving some good decent Max Brenner’s Chocolate!)

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  1. WB!! I have travelled a lot and still do but have never faced this jet lag thing. I come back and in the next day I will be fine with my sleeping time. It could be also that I don’t sleep on the plane while going or coming back so when I get back I am tired enough and just crash :D

  2. try taking sleeping pills just for a couple of days n hope then ur sleep will go back to normal :D

  3. For the old times…

    You’ve been tagged :)

  4. Amu : Yeah well I used to not have a problem except this time it just is crazy over here in my head :/

    Warag3anab : Thanks dear :D

    swera : Tried don’t work :/

    His : Aww thanks will do it :D