Happy Ramadan TV Series List!

July 31, 2011  |  Greetings, TV

Update: Due to some last minute re-scheduling some shows have new timings and one of which is “Banat Al Thanaweya” it’s at 9:10PM on Dubai I will update the list and upload it ASAP.

So it’s that time of the year where productivity goes down the drain and everyone goes to work like a Zombie, no one does any major work because we are all either too cranky or half asleep because we stayed up watching those TV Shows that seem to bombard our TVs during Ramadan, or if you are one of the others you stayed up too late worshiping in the Holy month.

It’s finally Ramadan Time! And that means new TV Shows are here! I tried to do my best and compile a list of TV Shows that I was interested in watching or that I knew friends who were interested and the networks showing them.  I remember last year I made that list while I was at work LOL! This year I did it at home! Time does change! I wish you all a happy and holy month of Ramadan and may God fill it with good health and good news.

Without further ado here is my list! Hope you guys love it, I will be attaching a PDF version for those who wanna download it and add it to their iPads :D And to check out more shows and updated timings I found this awesome forum post with the Khaleeji TV Shows (I am missing however Al A3maq, Al Serdab, and 7areem Oboy) couldn’t find what networks they were on or the timings. [Link]

This year I will for sure be watching “Saher Al Lail 2” & “Al Maleka” the other shows are up for grabs I might also watch “Forsa Thanya” simply because my man-crush Hussain Al Mansour is on that show! Seriously I love that dude! Many thanks to my Twitter peeps (aka Tweeps) for their help and their encouragement! Enjoy!

P.S. For those of you who want the list organized by the timings of the shows instead of the Show name, I created that list and attached it below not to mention kept it text only :D Be sure to spread this and share the love.

Download [Ramadan TV 2011 PDF]

Download [Ramadan TV 2011 Text Only]


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  1. amazing !!! .. gunna get both of the images :D .. thank you jaqui for this schedule .. i mean the great simple schedule :D

  2. Thanks for sharing this! :)
    May I use it in my blog though? =o

  3. Wow :D

    Thanks a lot dear..

    Embarak 3leekum el shahar

  4. It is the time of year when most people watch TV series ;) Thanks for the schedule!!! I am home alone this Ramadan as everyone is travelling in the next few days not a big TV fan but this should help kill boredom :P

  5. *screams* woman sheno hatha LOL

    No tv shows for me but maybe 1 or 2, depends 3ala elwath3 :P

  6. Jadwal mratttttab mashallah!

    Thank you VERY much :D

  7. Great post thanks a lot :)

  8. Fantastic list! You really worked hard on it!

  9. were can i watch these shows online?! please let me know asap!!! thank you

  10. Crowsy : Your welcome glad you liked it I have now updated the list to another image completely as there were lots of modifications.

    Ahmed Al Musallam : Your welcome dear and sure you may! :D

    Butterfly Chick : Your welcome dear and 3alaina o 3alaich enshalla :D Hope this helps!

    Amu : Totally whenever you feel a need to watch something there is a list to tell you what’s on where :P

    swera : LOL! Hehehe I had to! I need to know what I’m dealing with and try Saher Al Lail 2 at least.. you don’t need to see part 1 to understand anything as this is a completely different story.

    Fahad : Thanks dear :D Hope you enjoy it!

    Bahar : Your welcome and enjoy :D

    Manayer : Your welcome hon :D

    Marzouq : Hehehe it shows I have nothing else going on :P Wait and see my US TV Shows List for Fall 2011

    favi : You can watch most shows on their networks for:
    Al Watan TV Shows: http://tv.kuwait.tt
    Wataniya TV Shows: http://wataniyatv.com
    Otherwise you’ll probably find them on YouTube as well :D

  11. The tables suck ! I don’t know why but they do suck. Great effort btw.

  12. Thanks for the schedule! It’s amazing mshallah..

  13. I so want to be sitting in between u and that ice cream on the couch lol

  14. شكرا جزيلا على الموقع اتمنى تقبلوني ضيفة جديدة عندكم في مدونتكم


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