[Events] A Cozy Zain Bloggers Ghabga

August 10, 2011  |  Fun, My Life, My New Toys

Both Lujain and I were invited by the awesome Zain Social Media team specifically by Mohammad Al Muhaini.  It was to take place in Bait Al Sadu at 9PM, however due to the major traffic we have in Kuwait the event did not start until 10PM which was good because I was late getting there, driving after fitour time is like insane!

At the event, both Lujain and I met with fellow bloggers, there were lots of them but those that I remember specifically are: Swera, Just Noon, His & Hers, 7ajidude, LadyB, Omarker, Ansam, The Side Talk, FroyoNation, Q8Stig, Mubarak Ismail, Moody from MoodynCheeky and others that attended were: Q8Rain, PinkGirl (unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to say hello but I saw you from far :)), Botamba, Blog 37, Blog Laish, Qortuba, and others I can’t recall!  In short it was the place to be to meet other bloggers and socialize. [Update: Q8Blend, 360Dewan,  AboFlan, Crowsy, Q8Ping, Chapter Kuwait, Fahad Al Ibrahim, and B Festive were all there as well but unfortunately didn’t run into them :S)

The event started with a word from Mohammad Al Muhaini greeting us and welcoming us to the event afterwards the mic was passed to Mr. Omar Al Omar who gave us a small speech and welcomed us to future Zain events.

Afterwards the buffet was open but not many went there other than Lujain and I (even though I wasn’t that hungry).

Now the awesome part of the whole event is that Lujain stole the show! Everyone was surprised at her being the youngest blogger in Kuwait and she had requested from me to create her a ‘business card’ as she does not ‘feel’ like explaining her blog name and such to others.  So you got to see her floating around the room from person to person passing her card and socializing, I was so proud of her.

We had to leave early at around 11PM but we did not leave empty-handed as we were handed gift bags by the awesome Mohammad Al Muhaini and Hala Abu Al Hasan :) I loved the personalized message that was on the tag and the fact that the whole event wasn’t a huge crazy social hype!

Inside the bag I was greeted with the biggest surprise ever, it was a nice Sadu bag with some sweets inside and this box that at first I thought was probably a perfume/bukhour/ramadan-y gift but when I tore open the box I was surprised to see an HTC Sensation mobile.

It was then that I understood what was written on my card “Jacqui.. Sorry Apple Freak Switch to Android :P” Hehehe that was the best gift ever as I was itching for a new gadget and this helped!

Thanks Zain for the lovely event!

P.S. Since I forgot my camera Swera allowed me to borrow her pics and Moody as well :) So thanks guys!

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  1. 7bebty nice to meet u from far hehehe enshallah we will see again soon ya rab i talk to lujain ya 7eloha esem allah 3leha & i take aPic for her as well check it on my post :D

  2. Lujain was the queen of the event. 5ala9 ra7at 3alena e7na :P esmellah 3aleha :)

    such a cozy & quiet event. I liked it!

  3. It looks like fun (^.^)

  4. it was a lovely gathering & i think i saw you from far with the pretty lujain :)

  5. it was finally nice meeting you for the third time :P lol

  6. Next time inshallah i wont let u leave till i say Hi in person ;)

  7. Looks good :)

  8. looks like you bloggers had good fun!! Nice pics.. I love their colour theme..

  9. That’s awesome! :D

    HTC Revieeewww pleeease!

  10. oh cool does that happen for all the bloggers cuz i just did a new one and how did u go there i love u and lujain ur awsome i love ur blogs

  11. I’m really not looking fwd for the HTC. Felt it was kind of boring. Still sealed!