Vote for the Skydiving Freak Omarker!

August 13, 2011  |  Friends, Shout Outs

Disclaimer: This post in no way endorses my idea of jumping out of a plane just for fun, nor is it written to bribe a specific someone to send over a brand new MacBook Air my way (I am holding Adobe CS3 hostage until I get my own :P) Yes so that’s my disclaimer!

Fellow Blogger and Newly Established friend (who wants to kidnap Lujain) Omarker has submitted a video to the VIVA Passions competition of his passion which is “Skydiving” otherwise known as “Jumping out of planes that are way high up in the sky with nothing but a parachute to ensure safely reaching ground because they want to feel alive rather than dead :P” and the video is simply awesome so be sure to vote for him! :P

Vote for Omarker if you like his passion or even if you like his video which is beautifully put together.

Video 60

I will vote for him once I see that MacBook Air *ehem* I mean when I figure out how to register first :P

[Link to his post]

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  1. Cool, hehe. Reminds me of the time when I signed legal documents on a risk of fatality for Parasailing & a mad boat race. I miss how brave I was.

  2. loved the video!! I so wana do skydiving soon!!