His & Hers Q8 Welcome Theirs

September 12, 2011  |  Friends, Greetings

Who knew the day that I came out of “semi-hibernation” (let’s face it I will still hibernate because deep down inside I am a nice cuddly teddy bear) will be the day that we welcome a blogger baby into the family!

His&HersQ8 have officially become parents! YAY! *throws confetti and does the chicken dance*

Let’s all join together and share their joy and happiness and welcome their awesome cool munchkin “Baby Mishari”

Dear His & Hers,

Mabrook Ma Yakom Dears! O Yetraba Eb 3ezkom Enshalla! Enshalla Ya rab ebaleghkom feeh El Thereya El Sal7a!


Jacqui (the lazy bugger)

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  1. yetraba eb 3ezhom nshallah ya rb :D

  2. Mabrook Ma Yaaakum! Yitraba ib 3izkum inshalla! I’m very happy for them!

  3. I give up :)

    grrrrrrrrrrrrrr8 .. very nice design .. now thats a surprise no body can beat ;)

    allah ewafeghom o yes3edhom o e5aleh lohom o yeg3ala el thereya el 9al7aa .. o a7la ma bel maw’6oo3 .. ena its also Hers birthday (happy birthday baby and momy)

  4. Mashkoora Jacqui for the design and post. Walla we loved it. Her just fell in love with it :).

    @swera mashkooooraaa

    @Marzouq thanks for commenting every where :P

  5. swera : Amen :D

    Marzouq : Amen and so am I! Hehehe the second I found out I ditched everything else and made that awesome graphic :P

    El PaDRiNo Q8 : Eee bs now khalas it’s no longer her special day she’ll have to share it with the baby :P Bs la jad yetraba eb 3ez’hom! :P

    His : Awwww thanks I am so glad she loved it hehe walla it brings tears to my eyes! Yalla enshalla soon you see it up in your header I guess :P

  6. Alf mubrook!
    I love the picture of the baby! It’s so cute!!


  1. Thank You شكرا | His & Hers Q8