A Problem with Zain? Maybe, Maybe Not?

September 14, 2011  |  My Life, Rants

Late last month I was checking my phone bill on Zain’s Website and I noticed something really weird and odd!  I noticed that I had a charge of 4.400 KD for 88 International Messages that were sent.  I sat there shocked trying to recall who the hell did I send these messages out to?

Thanks to Zain’s awesome new feature in which you get to see a full detailed Call/SMS report I was able to log in and generate a report.  I checked and saw that the messages were going to a weird number (004477*********) and I looked through my address book and everywhere to check if I really sent those messages but I found out that I didn’t.  I immediately complained on Twitter and called to register a complaint however they came back to me and told me that the messages were still in fact sent from your phone.

I swore to everyone I knew that at the times the messages were sent I had my phone in my possession and that I didn’t send any International message but no one would budge.  Here I was ready to blow a gasket but after a visit to the Zain Offices and especially with the brilliant Nasser, we were able to get down the it!

It turns out that as an iOS 5 Beta user, your iPhone does some weird things when you are not looking.  It sends FaceTime verification SMS-es to an international number and charges you for it! So the problem all along was not the fault of Zain’s but instead of my beautiful, hot, sexy iPhone 4 it put me in that hole and made me get angry at others [and no Mohammed the iPhone does not suck and is not the worst phone out there, the Blackberry is!]

So in the end, with me bringing this problem to their attention they ran that number on their database and found out that more than 3000+ messages were sent out to that number and that it was mainly the fault of our iOS Beta 5 testing, so any of you out there trying out the iOS please check your bill and make sure that you weren’t billed incorrectly.

Sorry Zain for doubting you but thanks a lot for providing me with an explanation and now I can happily pay my bill without worrying!

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  1. I ain’t gonna try it or use the update when it comes out til they fiz it! weeenek ya Jobs!

  2. Hmmm, I don’t believe this.

  3. swera : Hehehe la it’s only for the beta the final version will have all the kinks sorted out.

    bob : maybe my iphone has an admirer :P

    F : why not?