Things I Absolutely Love: Mada

September 14, 2011  |  Techie, Things I Love

I know I promised some of my friends not to talk about Mada simply because we want to keep it on the down low so we can enjoy our high speeds and not share it with the rest of the world but I felt a need to tell you guys what is the one thing that is keeping me sane these past few months!


Thank you for providing me with decent internet speed, the type where I can actually do stuff while downloading and such.  The type of speed that doesn’t want to make me pull my hair because the page takes so bloody long to load.  The type that doesn’t give me a mouth worse than that of a sailor’s!

With Mada, I’ve had a rough start in the beginning with some slow speeds but recently I have had it pick up the pace and give me amazing 200-500kbps download speeds, I run speedtest’s and I get up to 11Mbps which is a number I’ve seen only when I travel.  All I wanna tell them is keep up the good work and don’t bring back any data cap because at the moment you are the one thing that puts a smile on my face!

Forza Mada!!

P.S. This service is not for everyone as it depends on the area you live at.  The coverage may give you insane downloading speeds and some areas may be as slow as a turtle! So be warned!

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  1. Everytime I read a post about this awful internet provider company called MADA i feel like im gonna crack the screen open:P

    No seriously, they’re BIG FAT LIARS! specially their sales agent!

    they promised us high speed up to 6mp & lowest will be 2mp in Mishref block 6! He literary said “mishref is one of the best areas in Kuwait”

    LIARS! the highest in good days we get 1mp & it’s lower than that, way lower on other days! & it disconnects constantly!

    You call them & u find they’re retards, they don’t know what the problem & they promise they’ll call u but they don’t! you call them again shouting & they call back! but only to say that they will figure out the problem & they’ll solve it!

    Til date (After 3months) they havnt figured out the problem, neither solved anything!

    they gave us 1 month free malat 3alehom. still nfs wayehom el connection.

    sorry for this long pissed off rant bs mn 9ij ba6eeeeeen chabdna allah ybo6 chabdhom!

    bs 3alech bel3afia if u’re getting high speed :P

  2. Even though I love love LURV Madda and its been a life saver for me. There is one “new” downside to their services.

    You see my husband has been recommending them for everyone who would listen. One of his friends and one of his cousins had gone recently and got Mada. But they were not given the original router we’ve got. The router they have is brand new because they sold out of the ones originally sold.

    The new one is horrible. The connectivity range is very limited and very slow! he called them over and over again and nothing happened. At last he went today to return the router and end their subscription less than a week after he got it. Same thing happened with his friend who was enraged that he would recommend such a crappy thing!

  3. LOL,i think your the only one who liked mada, ive read bad reviews about it i just dont remember who :P

  4. Just come visit me & do all your downloads here. My internet is faster than all yours put together, mwahahaha!!

  5. swera : Hehehe 7ada embayen the hate that you have for them. I don’t know why it’s not acting out well enough with you but with me it’s perfectly amazing :P

    Danderma : It’s not only the hardware sometimes it’s the location. So that might be a problem. Otherwise we can enjoy the high speeds alone :P Hehehe the more users the slower it’ll get probably :P

    noon : Hehehe you can look up and see Swera hehe but yeah it’s mostly a 50/50 chance to getting a love or hate relationship with it!

    F : Hahahaha the only reason you want me over is so that I spend some $$$$ on you right? :P

  6. can someone put out a speed map of different area in kuwait.
    green for fairly good speeds of 200-500kbps and red for disappointment

    c’mon guys(users) help us out