[August News] The Birth of a New Cousin

September 24, 2011  |  Family, My Life

On August the 3rd my family welcomed a new addition in regards to the cousin rankings.  I hope that made sense, to put it in very simple terms, “I gots me a new cousin y’all!”


My youngest Uncle and his wife welcomed a baby boy who is brother to their eldest daughter Lulwa.  The boy was named Salman and he is absolutely adorable! I love that the day I saw him he was wearing the monkey pajamas I got for him from the US!

Can’t wait to see this one growing up!  Welcome home Salman!

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  1. gowa …. enshallah ytraba ab 3ezkum yarb and good luck for u and thanks alot of news awalll ab awall xoxoxo bye

  2. sallem galba wallah!

    yetraba eb 3ezkom nshallah ya rb :D

  3. Mabrook! I’m sure he’s going to turn out to be one of the sweetest creatures on this planet considering he’s a Leo & all :P