My Hair is Dead

September 26, 2011  |  Health, My Life


Do you ever feel that your hair has become so “blah” and dead that nothing can save it.  Well I am at that point.  My last haircut was in New York last July which is a good 2 months ago.  It shouldn’t be that way yet and I am not sure but I think it’s because maybe the layers grew out hence I am not having any life in the top part of my hair but rather getting a messy bottom half of my hair.

This is the weirdest topic to talk about here but it’s something important to me hehe.  I really need a solution and part of me doesn’t want to cut it again I kinda wish to grow it out, it’s been a while and you know this bad thing that happens to you? You know how your hair pisses you off the whole time but the day you go to get a haircut you have the best hair day ever?  Well that always happens to me and makes me regret having chopped off parts of it just to bring life back to it.  So tell me girls what do you suggest to give my hair life again.

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  1. Headbands, tie ur hair up, hair accessories… Or just tease it and give it volume Jerseylicious style ..

  2. HAHAH! I have a love-hate relatnship w/ my hair too. It looks absolutely gorgeous when I’m home sometimes, and lies flat when I’m out. Accessories can do a LOT to give it some life, y’know. Hairbands, hair claws and flower/jeweled barrettes. They add volume at the top. =) Plus, trim only your fringe now and then

  3. ahhhh this topic .. I can so relate !

    wait for it to grow alot while getting it treated .. then chop it to the length u want
    But I say don’t cut it now ..treat it ;)
    and let me know which shampoo you use ..DM ME :P

  4. i say give it a program, eat lots of ‘anything green’ every day. and try to use the snooz hours for a coconut oil treatment, or Extra extra vergin olive oil. if not the snooz hours, then two or three hours before your next shower, just massage on ur hair and wrap it up in a turban.
    also lots of salons have weekly hair subscriptions, some even come come.

  5. Try ointments for now. They add a sheen of healthy glow to it. Hair masks are also good. I prefer natural ointments but I stick to coconut & olive oil only cuz I heard horrible stories on what the 7awai thinks u should put on ur hair.

  6. i keep cutting just the edges & i use some oils (kherwe3, jarjeer & stuff)! also 7mam zeit is good! i tend to hv it every week :D

  7. Cocoanut oil, ree7ta 5aysa bes wayid zain :p and try to avoid straightening/curling your hair.