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September 27, 2011  |  Doing Good, Events

One of the saddest things in the world is encountering a child who has faced a life-threatening illness or even an adult.  But one of the worst things I have seen in this world is letting those children feel neglected, feel like outcasts because of their illness.  One thing I was told while growing up is that when a child falls down and hurts himself don’t over react and show fear on your face because they will feel that fear instead just smile, laugh, and make a joke out of it while you inspect that child for any bruises or bo-bo areas.  That is the mantra I live by nowadays when one of my younger cousins trips and falls and starts to show signs of crying I swoop in and laugh and make it seem as it if was a cool trick they did.


Children with cancer, who is there to laugh and make them feel that they can fight the big fight and survive?  It is not easy dealing with illness and maintaining a strong sense of self-confidence or even happiness.  One of our blogger buddies (Q8Rain) came up with an idea to give back to the community and especially the sick children.  In collaboration with KACCH we will be able to provide a simple party for the kids with cancer every month at the NBK Hospital.  The first party will start next week and 70 gifts are needed to make those children happy.  Therefore the task is left upon you lovely readers, make sure to head over to Q8Rain’s blog and read about how to contact her and donate those lovely gifts.  If you can buy anywhere from 5-10 little gifts and simple ones (as simple as a set of coloring books) then you will be bringing a smile to that childs face.

Child cancer awareness

Let us all unite, and stop the hatred to bring smiles to those children.  Let us try to teach our children that just because you know another kid at school who is sick it doesn’t mean that they are different than you and me.  Sick and Healthy kids all have feelings and it is our job to make them enjoy their childhood in whatever way we can.  We as adults love gifts so what do you think kids would feel when they unwrap a present or two?  Please help spread the love and joy and join this cause.

Thanks Q8Rain for this lovely idea and may it thrive and grow to become awesome.

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  1. Mashallah that’s really nice of her. There’s nothing harder than going thru illnesses alone. It kills you from the inside. It’s bad enough realizing your life is eternally changed and ruined by it; it’s worse when there’s no one there to hold you through it.

  2. This is such a good idea! I really hope people get involved :D thank you for sharing!

  3. Miss Good Egg : Exactly and that is the reason why we should do our best to support this!

    r.alsharif : I agree 100% I hope many people participate.

  4. I think its a fantastic idea! Love it!


  1. Q8 Rain