[Shout Outs] The Dusty Co

October 3, 2011  |  Friends, Shout Outs

This is the first time in a very very long time in which I give a shout out to a new blog that is on the rising of becoming something awesome.  The only reason I decided to give it a shout out is because it has the promise of becoming something awesome.  Not only because one of the writers on the blog happens to be one of my dear old college friends but they are cool and they have insane topics which they write about.


The Dusty Co blog features Saud (the guy behind the redesign of His & Hers, as well as my dear old friend), and Hind along with many contributing writers the list is quite long but the fun fact you all should know is that their blog “The Dusty Co” will feature all kinds of topics from all over the place whether it is technology news, tutorials, fashion, lifestyle, celebrity news, everything and anything is on their list.

I for one added them to my Google Reader and my Twitter account.  I can’t wait to see the awesome news they’ll give us! Good Luck dear friends and may we see your awesomeness!

[The Dusty Co Blog]


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  1. Thanks Yaki!

  2. Saud : Your welcome Cat freak :P

  3. Thanks so much for the shout out that was so sweet of you!