Who Stole My MacBook Air?

October 4, 2011  |  My New Toys, Things I Love

A while ago I wanted so desperately to blog so I reached over to grab my MacBook Air, the 11 inch one not the 13 inch one (yes I have both because I am freaky like that :P) but noticed that it wasn’t in its usual spot.


It turns out that both No3man and Malsoon who were gifts from Zain last August were both fighting over who gets to use my MacBook Air!  Not only that but there was a mini-No3man waiting to abuse my poor child! I was so frustrated that I gave up blogging for that month :P

Good excuse ha?

Thanks Zain for the lovely present I loves me dolls and thanks to Mohammed for constantly providing us with the latest updates about Zain!

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  1. Yeah good try. Its no excuse, you should administer some self control over them wella yel3boon 3la keifhom…

  2. i believe you :p

    valid ecxuse :p

    yala ahamshay you come back and start blogging again :D

  3. Danderma : Hehehe I thought I could get away with it :P They take advantage of me I can’t help it!

    Abdul-Aziz : I should call Shakespeare to write a play about it :P

    Standy : Hehehe yeah a very valid excuse isn’t it? :P Disregarding the fact that I have 2 other MacBooks to blog from :P

    swera : Hehehe I made you laugh didn’t I? :P