Pledge: Help Save Abdulkareem’s Leg

October 5, 2011  |  Shout Outs

Last Monday some bloggers went to the NBK Children Hospital for the Kids Cancer Party, unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it but the posts I’ve seen afterwards made me feel extra special being a blogger with friends like these.  In the party they met with a little brave and smiling boy called Abdulkareem who has caner in his leg that is spreading to his body and his only chance of survival is to amputate his leg (cut it off) or have a knee replacement surgery.

Abdulkareem Kid

Unfortunately Abdulkareem is not Kuwaiti and his family does not have the funds required for the surgery.  The Knee replacement surgery is not available in Kuwait but available in Jordan and costs 30,000 KD.  This young boy has no time left as his leg amputation surgery is scheduled for next week.

To those of you more fortunate than this little boy, to the companies who bestow lavishing gifts onto others please if you can find it in your heart to share your wealth with this child and help save his leg, God will not forget you!

Danderma has brought this to our attention and she also gave us suggestions but those suggestions had downsides because of the following:

We thought about having a charity run for Abdul Kareem to help gather the 30,000 KD for him. There are two problems though: 1- The money has to come from one place and not from multiple people, god knows why! I think maybe money laundering rules apply here? and 2- Abdul Kareem has no time. His leg amputation operation is scheduled for next week. –Danderma

If you can’t help with the cash then help by spreading his story, tweeting or even posting about it until it reaches someone who can help before it’s too late.

Thank you Danderma for bringing this to our attention and may we find the funds needed to help save this child.

[Picture from 7ajidude]

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  1. غلط تكتبون موضوع بهالطريقه باللغه الانجليزيه لان نص الناس ماتعرف انجليزي وهذا الشي راح يقلل نسبة التبرع لان محد راح يفهم هالحجي اوكي بهالمواضيع خاصه ابتعدوا عن الانجليزي والتفلسف


  2. My thoughts are with the boy and I pray that he gets cured without having to lose his leg. Thank you for spreading the news and I’ll do everything in my power to help spread it too.

  3. Can you please attach a contact number to get in touch with his people, Thanks.

  4. غلط : Sorry to say this but you are an inappropriate individual not worthy of any response. English is the universal language not all Arab speaking individuals visit this blog there are some english speaking individuals and therefore this post will still reach enough people. Also there are a bunch of other blogs who wrote it in Arabic if you want go there you don’t have to come here. If you don’t like the fact that I wrote it in English then just close the page and don’t come back. Grow up!

    ShellQ8 : Thank you for your kind words I hope that we can make a difference and get him the help needed.

    Kuwait : Unfortunately I do not have the contact number yet I am working on getting it and will provide it as soon as possible.

  5. My prayers are with the boy!! hope he recovers soon…

  6. Weee3!
    Wee3 wee3 wee3! 9ej wee3!

    Shakhbary no9 elnass ma it3arf English. Elyahal bel ebteda2ee wel rawtha gamaw yet3alemoon!

    O ele yakteb bel English 9ar yetfalsaf?

    Wallah I pity this person. All he could understand from your post is that inich ga3da itefalsefain in English. Allah ysa3da 3la nafsah!

    2nd creepy freaky response 3la this campaign. 9ej ako nass madry shloon 9ayra! La3at chabdi!

  7. الفيلسوف دندرما

    الكويتيين الطبيعيين انجليزيتهم متواضعه وخذوها من المدرسه
    علما بأن جيل مواليد ١٩٨٥ وما قبل تعلموا الانجليزي من المتوسطه واليهالوه الي تعلموها من الابتدائي

    ومحد بيرفكت بالانجليزي الا فئتين

    الفئه الاولى الي كملوا دراستهم بالخارج وتعلموا انجليزي

    الفئه الثانيه اهمه الي تربيه خدم فلبن … وما تربوا بين احضان ام كويتيه بالعكس تربوا في حضن الخدامه الي تتكلم انجليزي علشان جذي صاروا يتفلسفون بالانجليزي اخر عمرهم

    على فكره انا مهندس ودرست في الولايات المتحده ٥ سنوات واجريت بحوث وألفت مقالات بالانجليزي
    بس اذا ييت اتكلم اتكلم بالعربي خصوصا في المنتديات او المقالات المهمه
    وما احب اتفلسف واكتب معرب وسوالف ماك جكن


  8. الحين بدال ما تتهاوشون مع بعض … هذا يتفلسف و هذا مادري شنو ..

    عبدالكريم يحتاج مساعده و ماعنده وقت نفسكم يقعد يتفلسف في .. فبدال كلامكم الفاضي، حاولو تدورون حل و تساعدونه.

    coach avenue: i work at the kuwait cancer center, a dr. that works with me knows another dr. there so ill try to get more info on this .. i’ll try to keep in touch with u about any new news on the matter. and cheers for the post (i met the kid, but i didnt know he needed an op.!)


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