The Newspapers Mourn Steve Jobs

October 11, 2011  |  Apple, My Life, Sad

This past week has truly been one of the saddest ones I’ve experienced.  I never thought that the news of the passing of Steve Jobs would effect me this much but it has.  I cried the moment I heard the news and felt sad for the remaining days.  Every moment I remember his passing and the fact that he was so young and we still haven’t gotten the most out of his brilliant mind I feel that pang of sadness again.  But one of the most amazing things I’ve seen was the fact that the newspapers all around the world dedicated a whole frong page to this brilliant man.  This man who gave the world the best inventions who shaped how we live today, they gave him a whole front page, whereas newspapers in Kuwait didn’t bother much (only a selected few did that).  I am proud to say that I dedicated a whole page in one of our sections in the Al Watan Daily Newspaper (Friday Oct 7 Edition) for this great man.  I am happy that I got to work with an awesome Page Designer all the way until 7:30pm to whip up the page.  I will give you the version we wished to have run in the newspaper but weren’t able to for other reasons but this is our personal tribute. [Link to the Page that was Published]

Steve Jobs was the first to bring to us beautiful fonts in our computer systems, and since as he mentioned in his Stanford Commencement speech “Windows just copies Mac” now computers all around the world have that joy.  Without these fonts, without these computers I doubt you can see a beautifully designed newspaper, magazine, flyer, hell anything! Because of this I am saddened by the passing of Steve.  Because he changed the world in so many different ways yet there was still room for more.

Thank you Steve for bringing us these amazing devices, for bringing us computers, laptops, and destroying the need for those laptops with our beautiful iPads, for allowing us to have our music right there in our pockets.  For revolutionizing everything we see today.  You will forever live in our hearts and memories with every Apple device we pick up.  I personally wish that you are now at peace from that deadly disease and hope that your family finds the strength to mourn your passing.


Thanks Steve Jobs for being a magical human being.

[Newspaper Covers via Gizmodo]

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  1. Farrukh Kamal Ahmed Siddiqui, this blog really i like it very much, they way you have posted all over the world newspaper front page about Steve Jobs it is owsum! I don not have word to say you “God Bless you”. You work very had. Keep it up. Best regards. Farrukh

  2. Nice work J
    الله يرحمه كان انسان عظيم أتمني يستفيد كل واحد من سيرتة الذاتية وحياته وانتي كذلك

  3. Wow, that’s impressive. Nice job!

  4. jacqui .. jacqui .. jacqui .. what have u done!!!!!!!!

    i’d like to thank u first for this great post .. it will keep reminding everyone that we are not talking about a regular man passing away!! .. read the headers ppl .. the man who passed away is a man who used to listen .. from his face he give u the feeling of how kind he is .. he give u the feeling that he is the CEO that could show his intrest and listen to anyone no matter who he is or what’s his education as long as he is proposing a crazy idea in our point of view .. a great idea in steve point of view :)

    a friend of mine have droped his ipod touch .. the screen was smashed down .. yet .. it is still usable and working fine as nothing happened to it!! .. respect apple products .. respect this man’s vision of quality!

    i was so into mobiles and mobile technology back when nokia was leading the market .. i was following every little detail of a new feature .. internet connection and the browser that could play flash was something major to me! .. when apple announced their first iphone .. i was saying to everyone how stupid apple are .. i mean how could they release a device with features that were already available and upgraded 2 years back!!!! .. who release a mobile with EDGE connection only on a time where all the mobile manufacturers already released 3G!!

    with all my naging about it .. when the iphone was released and become available in q8 .. i bought 4 in a week time!!!! .. and now when u look back to those days and see where the iphone is right now .. u will realize .. this guy is thinking differently!!

    apple events where something i can not wait to see back in the days when this handsome guy was taking the stage .. “one more thing” became a word of surprises after being just another word for a long time .. before steve .. and it will not have the same meaning again after him :(

    he gave apple a character .. he spreaded his passion to us .. not his products .. when i see the specs of my macbook pro and its price and compare it with a windows laptop .. i will find that i could get a better laptop with have the price .. minus the passion .. minus the shiny apple at the back .. no thanks .. i’m willing to pay more to share with this guy his passion .. i’m not buying a product here .. i’m believing in man who thinks out of the box .. i’m saying .. i believe in u .. i know u will amaze me .. lead the way .. i know u r different :)

    sorry for writting this long comment but really talking about steve is something that can not be short

    R.I.P Steve Job

  5. wow, this post made me feel really sad wallah! look how people mourned him! this is a great loss to the nation not Michael Jackson or whoever!

    Loved loved LOVED ur page! gr8 job Juju :*

  6. great job on collecting all those front pages in one post!