[Apple] It’s Official iOS5 is Out!

October 12, 2011  |  Apple, iPhone, Software

After a long day of many Apple users refreshing their pages awaiting the news that iOS5 is out it is now out for the public.  Released at 8PM KWT time you can now head over to your iTunes application and download the update!


I’ve personally had it since June therefore I had the gold master last week and I’m enjoying it! Notifications man is the way to go! So good luck everyone and I hope you get good speeds while downloading hehe :P Next is waiting for the delivery of my iPhone 4S device!

P.S. Be sure to back up your devices before updating and after you’re done enjoy rocking your world!


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  1. I tried downloading it today, updated my itunes, and I waited 45 mins for Ios5 to download then it stopped at the last 5 mins! it said that the network timed out…. :( what do i do now?! did it work for you?

  2. Hi, i didn’t get the camera icon in my lock screen!! Wasn’t it suppose to be there?? shasawii?? iOS5 plzz work :(

  3. Zaina: It’s just that the whole world is trying to download iOS 5 + OS X updates + app updates + iTunes and other stuff from Apple’s servers. they should be fine now.

  4. n= lock ur phone, then press the home button twice and u’ll find the camera button

    N- it finally worked after a million times!

  5. The Collector : Your welcome!

    Zaina : I’ve been using iOS5 since the beta version so I had it before you guys and it was fine. They were just having a server overload problem I guess by now it’s fixed!

    n : You’ve got to double click the home button and you’ll get the camera button!

    N : Exactly just like that.

    Zaina : Glad it worked!