Pixar Mourns the Passing of the Great Steve Jobs

October 12, 2011  |  Apple, Sad

I am sorry but because Steve Jobs is a huge part of my technological life I would like to honor his memory with numerous posts about him.  And therefore if you find that I am obsessing over this, in reality I am not, I am just sad that we lost a visionary such as him.  Some people might say that most “apple users mourn the passing of Steve Jobs as though he was their father.” And in a way it’s true.

Black v2pixar

Pixar was one of the companies Steve Jobs headed and with “Toy Story” he put the company on the map in direct competition with Disney.  This week we see them and some of the characters mourn his passing.  Most of these characters are either angry, in denial, or have begun to accept the reality of the situation.  All in all it is very sad.

PixarGoodbye 1317956952

Pixar characters in Steve Job’s Black Highneck shirt

Bugs Life Hayden 1317923729

“A Bug’s Life” is shocked by the news!


Cars Mater 1317923735

“Cars” can’t believe it is true!

Finding Nemo 1317923738

Nemo and Dorie trying to hold each other from crumbling apart!

Monsters Inc Mike 1317923742

“Monsters Inc” in denial

Monsters Inc Sully 1317923750

The shock is pretty clear on “Monsters Inc”

Mr Incredible Car 1317923754

Mr. Incredible is extremely sad and facing the reality of it all.

Ratatouille Skinner 1317923762

The chef from “Ratatouille” does not want to believe it is true!

Remy 1317923782

No amount of cheese can make “Ratatouille” get over the shocking sadness of the news.

Toy Story 3 1317923788

Woody wants Steve back! He wants to go with him and Buzz is holding him up.

Toy Story Potatohead 1317923794

The reality has begun to set in “Toy Story.”

Up Carl 1317923798

The old guy from “Up” is at peace with the news and hopes one day to meet him up there in that cloudy place.

WallE Sky 1317923801

Wall-E mourns queitly and knows that Steve has not left us but is up there in the stars.

And let’s not forget out favorite Kitty, “Hello Kitty” although she is not part of the Pixar group but she is as much of an icon as they are and her tribute was wonderful.

Hello kitty steve jobs

[Pixar Characters Tribute to Steve Jobs via Best Week Ever]

[Hello Kitty Tribute via Kal01]


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  1. im no apple fan but i was shocked as well of his death, and yes he was a visionary man and still is through his gadgets

  2. He’s kind of a person that you must tell your future kids about, and how he changed the world, so no need to be sorry yo! ^^

  3. he will br greatly missed

  4. noon : I know!

    Kal : He will go down in history as one of the greatest!

    Chuknum : totally!