iPhone 4S [4 Steve] is HERE!

October 20, 2011  |  Apple, iPhone, My New Toys, New Products, Techie

On October 7th I woke up really early even though I had only 2-4 hours of sleep I made sure to wake up to pre-order my iPhone 4S and make sure I was one of the first few to get it on launch day! Unfortunately the US Apple Store did not have the unlocked version available for sale until November so I headed over to the UK Apple Store and was able to place an order at around 10AM it was crazy didn’t get my confirmation letter until late that evening but well worth the wait.


Last Friday October 14th it was delivered to my Aramex UK mailbox and I anxiously waited for it to arrive to Kuwait, but unfortunately due to some trouble with people who didn’t log in the shipment my baby was not shipped until Monday (thanks to the Shop and Ship team on twitter @Shopandship) it was rushed over here and I got it today! WEDNESDAY that was the fastest shipment ever!

I am so happy and enjoying the unboxing experience as well as Siri, will review it shortly just thought I would make you all iJealous as I was these past few days.

IPhone 4S 2

I got the 64GB White model whereas father ordered the 32GB White model as well.  Oh yeah and Thanks Daddy! This was my early birthday gift! [He’s still going to the US on my birthday will have him bring me something else from there, after all I am daddy’s little girl :P]

So yeah there you have it! I got it for 305KD from the UK Apple Store + 7.800KD Shipping for both iPhones which still makes it cheaper than those thieves at XCite Electronics!


P.S. I am still getting the iPhone 5 next year or probably it will be called iPhone 6 because it is the 6th generation! It was the last project Papa Steve Jobs was working on closely before he passed away :(

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  1. i’m trying my best not to be iJealous .. i’m bouncing my head against the wall (don’t be jealous .. don’t be jealous .. so what she had a WHITE 64GB IPHONE 4S .. she have?!!! .. that was the one i wanted to get .. ooooooo i’m so jealous!! .. no .. stop .. bouncing again .. don’t be jealous .. don’t be jealous .. loop)!!

    etkasrena bel 3afia enshala .. o its a really good price :)

    say hi to Siri for me .. tell her i’m getting mine enshala soon so she hook me up with a friend of hers or somethin :p

  2. Thanx for the mention :) we are always at your service!

  3. i love ur unboxing posts! will be waiting for ur Siri review post! til then, enjoooooy it :*

  4. haha you really got me all excited about iPhone4S after reading all your tweets/posts about it :D

  5. Mabrook lol. Does Siri remember birthdays?

  6. Congratulations! I loved all of your enthusiastic tweets. You really are adorable! Your Daddy sounds like a sweet man. My parents are in the US so they bought theirs right away with their telephone company. Mom is using Siri to email me and she loves it.

    I’m either going to buy mine in November from apple.com and ship it to my parents or wait for the next one. I’ve read it will have a longer battery life and since I am always driving around the desert for safety inspections I need it.

    I’m sure you will have the next iPhone way before any of us because you are the Apple Queen of Q8! Thanks for all of your informative posts and tweets. :D

  7. Mabroook & waiting ur Siri review :)

  8. Congrats!! I really want one, but I don’t know from where to get it because I suck when it comes to ordering stuff online! I’m going to Dubai in the next few weeks and I’m really hoping I would get a good deal!

  9. mabroook mabroook :) ha cham tabeen feeh ;p

  10. El PaDRiNo Q8 : Hehe I think you got yours by now so you’re not jealous anymore! :P

    Shop and Ship : Your welcome and seriously I can’t help but appreciate all the awesomeness you guys do!

    swera : I will post it up this week inshalla!

    Toomzie : Glad I might get a new convert on my side! :P

    Miss Good Egg : Yes she can remember them I believe! :P

    expatandthecity : That’s awesome hehe and thanks for all the love. For the next iPhone I am planning on being in either the US or UK whoever will have it unlocked first I will be there to stand in line!

    Mohd : Allah ebarek feek and will post it up very soon!

    Summer : Thanks hon and well the prices are going to go down drastically in the month of December so you could wait until then!

    BananaQ8 : Allah ebarek feek and not for sale! :P