[Now Reading] Steve Jobs by Walter Isaccson

October 25, 2011  |  Apple, Books

I pre-ordered the actual book along with the iBook version a week ago and finally the day has arrived when it is available to read.  This will be my first book in a long time to read that wasn’t a historical romance and one that is 656 pages long!

Hong Kong Steve Jobs Book JPEG 008fe

I am looking into purchasing the Kindle version to place it on my Kindle as well, the reason I got the iBooks version is because well “It’s STEVE JOBS! HOW CAN I NOT PURCHASE IT ON THE BLOODY iBOOK STORE!”

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Will be reviewing it later on this week hopefully if I get a chance to actually sit down and read more of it! So far I can’t help but hear his voice while reading the book and getting goosebumps along the way.  He truly changed the world for us!

692249 01 08

Thanks Steve for everything really! Especially for feeding my iObsession!

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  1. i love how creative they got with the post it :D

  2. noon : I know it blew me away!