The one with Insane Issous

November 6, 2011  |  Family, Fun, Movies

I miss talking about my life, and I think the reason I have become just so damn lazy in terms of blogging is that all the posts are similar to what is available in the market (aka the blogosphere).  So today I will take a break from all of that and talk about what happened to me yesterday one of the funniest days of this year.

I woke up a bit late in the day because I had a movie date with my Aunt, cousins and Lujain we were going to 360 to watch the release of “Horrid Henry” it was a lovely movie.  I really really had fun and enjoyed the movie. In short, the kids movie basically tells the story of Horrid Henry and his friends and their mission was to save their school ‘Ashton Elementary School’ from closing down.  But it’s not all peachy and dandy because Henry is horrid and he is the reason that the school was closing down.  If you are looking for something funny to watch and kids-suitable then be sure to book your ticket today.

Anywho, afterwards I ran off to work (yes I work on Saturdays ‘sometimes’) and prepared my awesomely insane Technology page for “Al Watan Daily” check it out in my next post and be sure to give me pointers here and there :D

I finished work and headed back to Auntie’s house where Lujain was and sat and had a nice chat with the cousins Toons and Issous, during which Issous became insane! Listen up this is the part of the story you’ve been promised!


You see I was showing my Aunt how to use Siri, and Issous saw it as a chance to jump on me to try and kidnap Siri and abuse it! The problem is I don’t like kids touching my gadgets because of their greasy fingers! Yes Issous you have dirty fingers! So I kept trying to snatch it away which got us into the battle of the tickles.  Issous jumped on my back and started doing this annoying thing with his jaw where he opens and closes it on my shoulder which mimics the tickling feature and I started giggling like a 2 year old.  I tried to shake him off but to no success he was stuck on me like a little monkey.  Next he started tickling my sides, I dropped him on the couch and squeezed him and tickled him but apparently that 6 year old boy is stronger than I am and he went back to being the dominant one in the tickling war. I tried to run away but was stuck on me, eventually he held me down in the middle of the room and tickled me until I was literally about to cry! I was able to run away and go home but that tickling fest broke me down hehe :D

Later on that evening, Lujain said that this was the first time she knew I was ticklish and the first time she saw me laugh like this hehe I guess I need to laugh more, and with that I end this adventure with one of my crazy cousins.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing about it!

P.S. That photo up there was taken by the iPhone 4S with no editing done on the picture except the photoshopping of the phone :P

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  1. I’m surprised it’s ok the iPhone is on the muddy floor, hehe. Sounds like a fun day. Congrats on getting the techno page! :)

  2. prefer not to disclose my name

    جاكي .. سلمي على الوالد وايد وقولي له خل يبطل كسل ويرجع للتدوين, وإنشاء الله يكون بخير وصحة وسلامة


  3. hhhmmm you can be tickled y3ni?! :P

    allah y5alehom lech & glad u had fun dear :*

  4. Miss Good Egg : The iPhone was photoshopped in hehe it did not touch that floor! :P And thanks I loves it!

    prefer not to disclose my name : Aww allah esalmek and will do :)

    O : Tots!

    swera : Hehehe thanks love and yeah I can be tickled! Hehehe I do have a soft spot!