Posta Plus SUCKS!

November 16, 2011  |  Impressions, Irritated, Kuwait, Pissed Off, Reviews

For those of you who have been complaining about Aramex these past few weeks well I have news for you! Aramex is the lesser of all evils! At least I know that when I have a problem I can contact them via their Social Media and get instant answers (that happened with me when I ordered my iPhone 4S) also I know that once I order something it will come to Kuwait most likely on time and not like these losers!


Seriously the worst service I have EVER EVER USED! Once you hear my story you will just be outraged by how bad their service is. So here goes:

Back in August I decided to subscribe to them after hearing some (and by some I mean 1-2 ) good reviews and there were no bad reviews out there.  I thought “Wow! This might be a service which I can get behind and actually use, its fast and cheap!” And boy was I wrong!  The sign up process was easy but the rest was horrible.  The only good thing that came out of the whole ordeal is that my bill is the lowest ever!

[WARNING: Long post rant ahead!]

In August, the 2nd day of Ramadan to be precise I ordered the “Boy Meets World” Box Set and it arrived shortly in my mailbox.  The bad thing also here is that they have no online tracking system, and you just don’t know when things leave and you can’t track anything except from your trusty old Amazon account.  And the only way to check if a package arrived is for you to CALL THEM UP AND ASK! Anyways it took a week for it to leave the US (I don’t know why!) and it took 3 weeks to get to me! I literally got my package 3 days before EID! Granted I only paid 6-10KD I don’t remember the exact amount at the moment but that took a long time.

I tried it again because I was like let’s give it another shot and I ordered an iPad stylus and something else I don’t recall and that package took 2 weeks to get delivered to me.  I thought then the worst was over but boy was I wrong!

The dilemma starts here! So put your hearing caps on! I had two orders placed on September 2nd and September 5th.  I will give you screenshots of those orders to show you how crazy they are!

First package: HP Touchpad [Order placed on Sept.2nd, Shipped on Sept. 6th, Arrived in my box on Sept.12th]


Second Package: 3 Sets of Avery Address Labels [Order placed on Sept.5th, Shipped on Sept. 6th, Arrived in my box on Sept.8th]


Now the dilemma, we are now in NOVEMBER! So that means my packages have been at customs, I don’t know for 2 months?!!?!?! How can that be! And the most crazy thing is that ADDRESS LABELS ARE STUCK IN CUSTOMS! WHY WHY WHY!!! What do you think is in those Address Labels?!!?!!?! Not to mention the HP Touchpad! I keep calling them, and they keep giving me bogus reasons as to why the packages are stuck but the funniest conversation which got me all riled up was as when they transferred me to another agent there who told me that: “Customs are moody people, if they put it in their head that they don’t want to get something through they won’t!” and “We are looking for Wasta to get your packages out!” and one of the craziest reasons as to why my packages are held? “The receipt was not clear enough about the packages content!” I mean seriously what is not clear about the contents! Why didn’t you freakin’ contact me to tell me that!

Right now I’m just waiting to see how far it will go but I am NEVER EVER EVER GOING TO USE THEM AGAIN! And to anyone who is thinking of ditching Aramex and going with these guys I tell you “YOU’RE FREAKIN’ CRAZY! STAY WITH ARAMEX AND DON’T EVEN THINK OF MOVING TO THESE SHIT HEADS!” Yes I am angry and no amount of apologizing (which they do every time I call will help them!)

Never again! 

Pros: Cheap


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  1. Wow are they a part of “Al Sawan” company? because their stupidity and excuses are VERY similar to UShopWeShip at which I had a similar experience, just more aggressive.

    I wont post the link to the post about them here 3ashan matgoleen advertising! ;p Will send it to you through twitter! ;p

  2. I have been using them for a while and i have never faced any problems except a delay which was because of the hurricane but im with you on the tracking system i called , emailed them and every time they tell me that they are working on the website and it been over 5 months !!! but im not ever going back to aramex .
    anyway My brother is using My US and it is the best company even though the prices are expensive they are fast and they deliver through DHL .

  3. Ahmed Al Musallam : Just saw that post and wow I am glad I left before it got that bad! I am still in the semi-patient phase so I have yet to break down and go down to their offices and rip them a new one!

  4. A) gilnaaaaaaaaaaaalich switch to MyUS :p

    B) i seriously recommend you or someone you know for the matter, goes and finishes up the paper work with customs… cause if its stuck for more than 2 weeks, the delivery service cant do anything on their own and a kuwaiti presence is much more needed

  5. u know what sux more? is that we don’t hv another option except to pay more!

    the stupid Aramex hasn’t delivered my shipment which was received at operations facility last Tuesdyay! Stupid fucking service! i got really pissed off at them when i came back home & knew it hasn’t been delivered! oooffffff

    o allah y3eenech 3la maye6lo3on ur stuff

  6. Yeah, I would say get MyUs too. It is double the price of Aramex, but you don’t have to pay the NY tax (coz they’re in FL) plus shipping to kwt only takes 2 days. And the cost reduces a lot the heavier the package is.

    They also hold your stuff (for a month or 45 days till you ask them to ship them) and repackage and consolidate all your shipments. And you can ask for specific stuff to be shipped, while still holding the rest with them.

    It takes them a day to get your stuff shipped, then less than 2 days to kwt. So total shipping time is 3 days, and they use FedEx and DHL.

    Then of course your stuff get stuck in Customs, but at least they’re in kwt.

    And the whole process is automated, from email notifications of every step, and a perfect up-to-date status (weight and shipping estimates) on their website.