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November 18, 2011  |  My Life, Work

Lately, at work (Al Watan Daily Newspaper) I was given the task of revamping the “Technology” page and well I’ve given it a geeky aspect to it, I’ve been trying desperately to avoid becoming too “Apple-centric” and this is something I hope I have achieved.


I introduced the “App of the Week” segment and I love writing about my favorite apps even if its just a few lines, its enough to get you out there reading it.  What I would love is your feedback and comments on the page, I wanna hear from you on whether I’m doing something awesome and great? Or I need to put more work into it.   I wanna hear from you!

Also, note that the page is in the newspaper once a week, in Sunday‘s edition! I have attached a couple of pages I have loved working on and would love any feedback, I know some of you give it to me via twitter but I’d still love to hear from the silent readers out there.

Technology Pages Archives:

Aug. 7, 2011: My very first try [Link]

Aug. 14, 2011: My solo page without much help [Link]

Aug. 21, 2011: Still finding my foot-hold in the Newspaper domain [Link]

Aug. 28, 2011: One of my favorites, you may figure out why as soon as you see it [Link]

Sept. 4, 2011: One of those days [Link]

Sept. 11, 2011: Still one of those days [Link]

Sept. 18, 2011: I liked this page it had a lot of good news [Link]

Sept. 25, 2011: Not one of my faves but almost there [Link]

Oct. 2, 2011: Now this one was one of the cool ones! [Link]

Oct. 9, 2011: The beginning of the change yet “App of the Week” wasn’t in, still figuring it out [Link]

Oct. 16, 2011: The day “App of the Week” debuts but the layout was still being worked on [Link]

Oct. 23, 2011: The one with the design I’m proud of! It’s almost there! [Link]

Oct. 30, 2011: Almost getting there! [Link]

Nov. 6, 2011: My favorite issue in terms of putting a lot of content and pictures! [Link]

Nov. 13, 2011: Last week’s issue and one I love as well! [Link]


Recap: I, in charge of Technology page (PG 14) in Alwatan Daily Newspaper (English) and it comes out every Sunday, give me feedback please!

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  1. You’re full of talents mashallah :) I don’t read newspapers but I’ll check it out enshallah if I see it.

  2. Great work!! keep it up…

  3. Wow! You really are talented. Your family must be so proud of you. Keep showing it to us on your blog. Watch out because NY Times might be calling you for a job. :D

  4. Recently switched to Watandaily. Page layout is good.

    Lot of people around like to see ‘baby blues’ comic strip instead of the Garfield. IHT supplement is also having the same comic. Can you do anything about this?