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December 1, 2011  |  Events, Previously

Just a short recap, I’ve been posting about events I attended in a short series I’d like to call “Previously” I hope to be wrapped up with all of them during the week so I can move on to bigger fish to fry.

Who: Al Zanki Enterprises

What: Crush It! Seminar

When: October 26, 2011 Morning & Evening

Where: Marina Hotel & Salwa Al Sabah Hall

What Happened:

The big day of learning all about how social media can turn anything into a successful business as long as you knew how to use the power for good had arrived.  And thanks to the sponsors Burgan Bank, the Bloggers who were part of the “Crush It” project were given a free pass to attend the seminar, but that was not all.  Bloggers were also given a special chance to meet up with Gary Vayenerchuk in person and get to ask him questions and get to know him before the seminar. Therefore this is what happened:

The day started off at 11AM in Marina Hotel Meeting Rooms.  We were attending the special get together with Gary and the team of Al Zanki Enterprises which consisted of Ms. Hind Al-Nahedth (lovely to meet you by the way!) and Mr. Khalid Al Zanki (it was a pleasure although didn’t get a chance to personally talk to you).  Gary and Khalid were a bit late but that didn’t matter because when he got there he made sure to give us new material that would not be available in the seminar as we were going to be there later so it was kind of giving us an appetizer before our main meal! Basically we were given advice as to “How to crush your passion” and how he turned his father’s small business into the big business it is today, by having found a “passionate” aspect of it.  It was lovely and we got a chance to take pictures and sign our books (although I didn’t have the book with me and even if I did it would be an e-Book, try signing my iPad :P)

Afterwards, we were given a break and since I had met my favorite blogger girls (oh okay I don’t have favorites but you were my favorites for the day) Swera, Q8Rain, Dudette (from 7ajidude) and I all decided to grab lunch before the big seminar.  It was a hassle trying to decide what to eat especially since we had a vegetarian (ehem Q8Rain) between us and so we finally made a decision to head over to the Avenues and grab some Elevation Burgers.  It was absolutely fun especially since Q8Rain got lost in the way and we waited close to an hour for them to show up but when they did it was party time!

Unfortunately I had to run out on the girls and head into the office prepare my pages and then head back to the seminar.  It was awesome.  I was late though.  The official time to start the seminar was around 5-ish however it actually started close to 6:15pm as people were running late (yours truly included) it was a big turnout, bigger than I had imagined.  I also got a chance to run into ex-colleagues and friends of mine there which was simply AH-MAHZING (those who I consider friends were Ah-Mahzing the others were okay though :P)

The seminar started, Gary told us a brief summary of his life and how he crushed his passion and afterwards we were given a Q&A session with him.  It ran a bit too long because I personally felt that most questions were repeats and applicable to the person themselves but in the end it was beautiful.  Important things that were discussed were the fact that: social media is the big thing now and taking over the role of traditional media; companies should humanize logos and allow for a better method of communication with their customers; customers require value and noto to be considered as just another number; small gifts to say thank you for a customers purchase goes a long way in establishing a long and healthy relationship; don’t quit your job just because you hate it and think it’s time to follow your passion you may never be able to find it but try to work on something you love while having your job; constantly google yourself and your business to see how good or bad you’re doing; take positive and negative feedback with a grain of salt and know that what’s negative could always be fixed from your side; and most importantly do not absue social media as emails have been abused lately it’s not a ‘push’ system for advertising it’s a ‘pull’ in which you pull in the customer’s feedback.

That was not all, in the middle of the seminar Electrozan, one of the sponsors of the event held a draw on an iPhone 4S and an iPod Touch 5th Generation (White) and unfortunately I did not win it was amazing.  Also at the end of the evening our lovely Social Media team at Zainalso held a draw of their own in which the prizes were an iPad 2 (which Mubarak from HiKuwait won), HTC Sensation, and a Blackberry Bold 9900 (which Q8Rain won) and again I did not win any gadget at this event.  It’s a failure, no I’m just kidding.

All in all, it was an amazing event although it went on long but I had fun and learned quite a bit from it.  Thanks to Hind & Khalid for extending us with this lovely chance to meet Mr. Gary and thanks to Burgan Bank for granting us the tickets to attend the seminar.

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  1. e7m e7m who lost and who’s Q8Rain ??? do i know her loooooool … why did i feel that i was the main target in this post ehehehheheh.. yea yea yea i don’t know directions plus im veggie , it sound horrible i hate zain looooooool … im a limited edition :P

  2. i swear when i read ur “previously” i instantly hear the “previously” voice from LOST *sniff*

    it was a fun busy busy day & 7ajiyatna *e7em e7em* yawe3atnaaa sa3a zyada :P

    wallah it was fun & we should do it more often!

  3. Rainy : LOOOOOOOOOOL! 7ayate walla :P And no this post was not about u! :P The world doesn’t revolve around u! :P Just kidding hehehe it was fun though! :P

    swera : La I keep hearing “Previously on The Vampire Diaries” LOL! :P Hehehe and yeah it was awesome we should do it more often!

  4. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL …. okay okay okay maaaaaaaaaashi .. it’s a waaaar girls

  5. Rainy : Awww hehe we don’t want war! :P


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